Boba guys strawberry matcha latte - at home!

Hi folks! Bit of a random post but for anyone interested, I’ve developed a recipe dupe for the Boba Guys strawberry matcha latte drink. Sans the bubbles as I did not want to make that much effort for this drink and the bubbles are secondary for me anyway. I was going to boba guys a LOT lol and wanted to try making it at home - initially based it off existing recipes but the final form has changed quite a bit and i think i have gotten it to a pretty solid point over the past 2-3 weeks of near-daily trials.



the sauce makes enough for like 10+ drinks.

the key to achieving good separation is to maintain a difference in the relative densities of the matcha and the milk. this is why i add sugar to the milk, this makes it heavier so the matcha layer floats on top regardless of how you pour it in. have experimented with honey but it just doesn’t blend into the cold milk. i think chilling it a bit also helps with separation.

as for ingredients, i do like to use nice milk (ronnybrook creamline WHOLE milk) and a nice ceremonial grade matcha (i use naoki silver yame). I started with cheapo culinary grade matcha which was fine but the nicer grades do make a difference and are significantly more vibrant in color.

Lastly you must drink this with a straw and mix it up well before you drink! I got a tall mason jar and glass wide straw set on amazon and it is so much nicer than sipping without a straw due to the ice!!

using ceremonial grade:

using culinary grade:


Nice work! Recreated brown sugar boba recently too, it’s not that hard!

thanks!! ooh would you mind sharing? the only brown sugar boba ive really liked is tiger sugar, and their bobas are so different from all the other ones i’ve had. i’m not sure i want to really expend the effort at home to cook the bobas the way they do haha.

there’s recipe on this blog. agreed, boba is wasted calories and overrated.

thanks for the link! wew that looks work intensive lol. i might try it some day though!