Boba place coming to Westwood

Unrelated: the dim sum place next door is actually pretty decent, for some items (at least based on my one visit).

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Thanks for the heads up.

Between Odd One Out and (of course OG) Volcano Tea, it’s gonna be hard to convince me to go elsewhere for boba on the Westside.

And yes, IXLB does a very solid job with its dim sum offerings…

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Have yet to go! (not the biggest boba person) We went to Tea Mug (much further up on Sawtelle) once a few mos ago and thought it was pretty pleasant (if you haven’t tried it yet).

We were walking by Volcano recently, and there were so few people (relative to its peak line). Not sure if it was just a randomly slow night or if it’s getting overlooked b/c of the all the new kids…


Volcano is admittedly one of the older boba slingers on the block. But it’s survived precisely because of its consistency in its quality.

Tea Mug rests squarely in the main portion of the Gaussian boba bell curve in my book (AKA only if I’m thirsty as I pass by)…

Odd One Out: Try their Champion Milk Tea with either wintermelon silk or jasmine silk. This one concoction got me back to drinking milk tea again after a hiatus of a few years.


Odd One Out might be the best boba milk tea atm.


I had tried odd one out’s champion teas and it was just…alright? nothing special :thinking:.