Boston-area pizza

Even President Obama loves pizza in Boston. So let’s discuss it…

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Typical Thrillist click bait, but I clicked one for the team so you don’t have to:

A4/Area 4 (Somerville and Cambridge)–it’s not clear Thrillist realizes these are different pizzas

Easy Pie (Braintree)

Emma’s Pizza (Kendall Square)

Max and Leo’s Coal Fired Pizza (Newton)

Charcoal Guido’s (Waltham)

Volturno (Worcester)

Ernesto’s Pizzeria (North End and Somerville)

Flatbread Company (Amesbury, Davis Square, etc.)

Tremonte Pizzeria (Lowell)

Amazing Pizza (Salem)

Pi Pizzeria (Nantucket)

Red Rose Pizzeria (Springfield)

Antonio’s Pizzeria (Amherst, Belchertown, Easthampton)

Santarpio’s Pizza (East Boston & Peabody)


Yeah, quite a few famous names missing in Boston, but at least they are trying to give the whole state some space (although I can’t attest to any of those places).

Has anyone been to Charcoal Guido’s? I’ve heard some good things but haven’t made it there yet.

The only decent pizzas I’ve had in Waltham (a pizza wasteland) are the flatbreads at Moody’s The Backroom (obviously not takeout/delivery) and delivery from Franco’s Pub (via GrubHub or something). All the rest that I’ve tried are virtually inedible, college student crap. And actually Franco’s, which I think is probably properly called a “bar pizza” (although that’s a new concept for me) is only worth eating because there is nothing else.

A4 could make a killing in Waltham.

Antonios is decent for Amherst but no Regina or anything like other good ones in north end. It should be far from any list like this.

Once I get done with my epic “eat every burger in Boston” endeavor (need to start a thread on that), I’m going to move on to the recent Boston Magazine Best Pizzas in Boston list. Although as I remember they either left Regina’s or Santarpio’s (I forget) off that list, so you can’t win.

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I’m cool w all the pizza in the north end. Especial the Sicilian chili pepper and salami slices at regina.

Take pictures. I’m missing that stuff on west coast. Even the shitty Greek pizza

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mmm…We popped into the original Regina’s when I was in town last year for a taste of home (and we were taking my nephew to the Aquarium, so why not pizza and canolli?). I LOVE salami on my pizza—it was my go to growing up and seems to be a Boston thing for the most part.

My dad’s business used to be in the N. End and I remember we used to go to some old school Italian joint (can’t for the life of me remember the name) that had huge pizzas–practically the size of the table (I believe it was a full service red sauce place, not specifically a pizza joint) and as a kid, it seemed very mafia.


That sounds like the European…Hanover St institution…closed for a while

thanks! it very well could be.

i just googled the European and saw this great old photo—the building looks familiar and a blurb about how large parties could get seated quickly w/out a reservation (that part sounds very familiar—we used to show up w/ lots of relatives and had no problem getting a large table).

my folks are coming out tommorrow to visit for a couple of weeks (thankfully staying @ my sisters :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) —I’ll ask them. They just got back from a 3 week Boston friends/family whirlwind so I think their memories will be fresh.

I like Galleria Umberto.


I’ve heard that is one of the best, but haven’t been there yet.

the pizza at umberto’s is very meh. i retry it every few years and am always pissed i wasted ANY time standing in line for it.

as for the thrillist list i haven’t eaten at all those spots but the pizza at tremonte sucks.

Interesting, Umberto’s seems to be #1 or #2 on almost every Boston pizza list I’ve seen.

I’ve really only had Area 4 since I’ve been back, which gave me hope for Boston. When I was living here 5+ years ago it was a complete pizza wasteland, but like everywhere there seems to have been a lot of good places open up since then.

umberto’s is certainly a ch darling but i simply don’t get the love. eavesdropping on other people in line, i swear much of the appeal is that the place remains so bare-bones and old school. i can appreciate that, but waiting 30-40 minutes in line for a very mediocre slice and/or horrible arancini makes me stabby.

have never waited more than 10 minutes at ernesto’s or even 5 minutes at haymarket and am always way more happy with those slices. in fact, if i am making pizza for a party, i buy the dough at haymarket.

We love Max and Leo’s. Hopefully the new expansion into Fenway (when is that happening?) won’t take too much attention away from Newton.

I think the restaurant you are thinking of is The European

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that’s two guesses for The European. I’m seeing my folks this weekend so I’ll double check on that. thanks!

Apparently there is a descendent of The European in North Chelmsford MA:

Aprile’s European
For over 80 years, The European Restaurant was an institution in Boston’s North End. Now Eddie Aprile has brought back the recipes and the spirit of the European to North Chelmsford. Located in a historic brick millhouse, Aprile’s European Restaurant has a comfotable, yet elegant atmosphere while that serves rustic Italian cuisine. Come join us for lunch, dinner, at the bar, or to book your private event.

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interesting—the food looks much more like US Italian food in 2015 vs 1960s-70s (I checked out the menu/photos on their website).