Boston Public Market


For me, this is the single most exciting addition to the brand new indoor BOSTON PUBLIC MARKET.

Jasper Hill Farms of Vermont is one of America’s (if not the World’s) great cheesemakers, and they are now offering their amazing cheeses for sale directly in Boston in the only locally sourced market of its kind in the US (everything offered at BPM is sourced from New England). A match made in heaven!

Be sure to try their rightly famous Bayley Hazen Blue (a raw cow milk natural rind blue cheese), which won Best Unpasteurized Cheese at the 2014 World Cheese Awards in London.

I also love their raw milk, bloomy rind Constant Bliss cheese, which is named for a scout in Washington’s army during the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, thanks to evil fun-squashers the FDA who are terrified of a bacteria’s shadow, it is no longer being produced (raw milk aged under 60 days).

And, BTW, at Boston Public Market, they make a damn fine grilled cheese sandwich too (and a few other items like potato raclette, mac n’ cheese and custom cheese platters).

The grilled cheese is made with their Alpha Tolman, a raw cow milk cheese in the Appenzeller style aged for 8-12 months. Buttery and nutty, crisp and melty, this is an excellent grilled cheese sandwich (although if I were making this at home, I’d pile on a bit more cheese so it was more oozy).

Be prepared to wait for your sandwich, it takes a while, so order it first and then taste test some of the other cheeses while you wait. I dare you to not buy some to take home! The cheesemonger lady is delightful (although the chef is too busy to talk, and the guy at the cash register needs to work on his social skills).

3 hr parking for only $3 dollars upstairs in the BPM building (needs validation from a vendor). Also next to the Haymarket outdoor farmer’s market and a short walk to Boston’s North End (head to Maria’s Pastry Shop to get a cannoli for dessert!).

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I’m a fan of Red’s Best fish stall.

Been very happy with fluke, cod, sword, cherrystones and sea scallops.

First Cape scallops of season for me…pricey and not as sweet as past. I’ll wait on buying more.

I haven’r tried any cooked food.

Overall great quality at fair prices

Wait----is this the Fanuel Hall market or a new place? or a new addition to Fanuel Hall?

It’s a completely new indoor market, apparently the only one in the US that is restricted to local or at least regional goods. Not huge, about 37 vendors with some more on the way, but I understand they are planning to double it in size eventually.

Next to the Haymarket outdoor market, but not too far from Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market.

That sounds really great. I was in boston about a year ago and don’t remember seeing/hearing anything about it and it’s definately something I’m interested in checking out.

I’m originally from Boston, but I’ve been in LA for 30+ yrs now----that was my first trip back in a very long time. It looks like I’ll be visiting twice in 2016 (once in spring and again next sept) for family events. I’m going to keep an eye on the threads and will probably ask for some recs when i’ve got more details on location, etc. Thanks!!

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