Botanica (Silver Lake)

Peony:We have been to Botanica multiple times and enjoyed it every single time! The waitstaff are always very welcoming and friendly but never intrusive. This is the first time we went after Covid, and it was lovely to sit in the little patio with a muralled wall and potted plants. I enjoyed all the dishes as usual. The carrot sunflower dip is particularly memorable as this flavor combination is not very common yet really delicious.

Warrior: I think Botanica is the best restaurant in Silver Lake. It is also one of LA’s leading vegetable-centric restaurants. Every dish is good, some are delicious. If out-of-towners asked me to take them to the restaurant I think best represents California cuisine, I would take them here. I look forward to Alice Waters’ new LA restaurant.


Warrior: I oversold Botanica in my last post because the food and atmosphere very much suit my tastes: vegetable-centric Mediterranean cuisine; casual garden feel. There were some flaws in the food today, like overcooked halibut. But their crudités and heirloom bean hummus were more than enough to make up for that. I’d probably take them over pita and hummus at Bavel. I also loved the olive oil flavor that permeated Botanica’s chocolate olive oil cake. Olive oil and chocolate is a wonderful combination. I will, however, retract my statement that Botanica is the best restaurant in Silver Lake. That honor goes to Eszett. I agree with all of Peony’s comments below.

Peony: We has another good time at Botanica tonight. The patio was lovely. The service was attentive. All the ingredients were fresh and good quality. This wasn’t the best meal we’ve had here, but I still liked it overall. The best dishes tonight are the dips. The crudités were interesting and lovely. The crackers were tasty. Although the crackers were less salty than last time, they were still quite salty for me. The figs on the bread were incredibly juicy and tasty, though I found the bread and the cheese were too largely portioned. The halibut was a little bit tough and bland for my tastes, but still tasted fresh.


Warrior: I like Botanica. It is tasty, healthy, vegetable-centric cuisine. Like a poor man’s Gjelina. They struggle with the main courses, but they do a good job with the starter spreads and salads. I like the whole vibe and spirit of the place. It reflects the best of LA culture.

Peony: The meal today was one of the good meals we’ve had at Botanica, through many visits. The two dips were flavorful and special, as always. I liked the sauces for the mussels and the rock cod. The peppers with beans were tasty too. Warrior and I also very much enjoyed the whipped frozen sweet potato dish.

Don’t recommend this restaurant any more. Too inconsistent and some dishes are barely edible due to over-salting etc. It’s a shame because they have creative ideas and use good quality, healthy ingredients.