BOTTLE FISH ..finally great seafood in Brentwood

Bottle Fish recently opened in the site of the former Daily Grill in Brentwood Gardens. Had dinner there the other night and it was excellent. The owners, who are the founders of CPK, clearly know how to put together a beautiful, welcoming environment. The restaurant is comfortable and warm. Beautiful bar, open kitchen and it is definitely a seafood-centric menu. The dozen oysters we had were well-shucked and obviously very very fresh. Presentation was quite nice. Mahi Mahi fish and chips were delicious as was the grilled swordfish. They are not trying to be pretentious. This is just good, fresh seafood. There is a burger on the menu as well as a steak. The seafood Louis looked really good. Friend told me that the burger there is great.
Lots of staff and all very friendly. Brentwood was so ready for this. I think it will be a big hit with the locals. Underground valet parking. They validate so first hour is $1.00. Lots of buzz in the neighborhood about this place. Prices range from $25-$35 for main dishes. Oysters, I think were $3.50. Burger is $18. Not cheap but not crazy. Portions are very generous.


Returned tonight. Place is now packed by 7:00. Word has clearly gotten out that Bottle Fish is the real deal. A true neighborhood restaurant. I don’t think folks will travel for miles to dine here, but it sure has caught on in Brentwood. My husband had the mussels and said that they were as good as those at Bouchon, although, he gives the fries the edge to Bouchon. I had a perfectly grilled trout along with a side of crisp, fresh cole slaw. Service was a little spottier tonight as I don’t think that the young staff was prepared for the onslaught of customers. They were slammed!! My martini was outstanding and very big. So pleased to see a couple of old pros, Flax and Rosenfield, at the top of their game again. Visionaries once again.