Bountiful Korean Side Dishes, Succulent Braised Beef Short Ribs and Marinated Crab - Soban [Thoughts + Pics]



I think that celery banchan is easily one of the best in all of Koreatown. The galbijim is certainly one of the best. I need to do another visit


Re:6th visit

I think that might be some type of Korean mountain vegetable, “Korean thistle”. These veggies are part of Korean Buddhist Temple food.

It’s pretty rare to find in Koreatown restaurants. If that is Korean thistle, Soban might be the only place serving it in Koreatown.

The only other place I know is Han Yang in Buena Park they got a Thistle Rice. It’s really good and probably one of the few Temple style dish you can get here in So Cal.

Korean food experts or Korean FTC’ers please correct me if I am wrong

Taste like a mix of seaweed and spinach with some nuttiness right?


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Thanks for the info! And “yes!” that’s what it tasted like. :slight_smile: Good to know.

Excellent @Chowseeker1999!

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No expert, but it definitely looks like Korean thistle, which I’ve only seen in Korean sticky rice dish (곤드레밥)

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That vegetable looks more like Ugeoji. It’s often used as an ingredient in soy paste soup or in soy paste-based banchan. Korean thistle looks similar but tastes more seaweed-y.


Hi @foodi,

Welcome to FTC! :slight_smile: Thanks for the info! Next time we might bring along some Korean speaking friends to clarify with Soban, but either way it was delicious. :slight_smile:

The food at Soban is delicious.
If only they had a liquor license or allowed BYOB!



Continuing our tasty neighborhood journey…

15 Dishes of Banchan for 2 People! My favorites were the Mystery Greens, Savory & Sweet Egg Squares w/Mini Green Pancakes, Acorn Jelly (tangy, scallion chili sauce), Fried Tofu (same chili sauce) & Celery Banchan

I didn’t want to be a pest and ask what everything was. So feel free to add nomenclature. :slightly_smiling_face:

Multi-Grain Rice

Galbi Jjim - Braised Short Ribs, Sweet Soy Sauce, Carrots, Radish, Jujubes, Ginkgo Nuts, Rice Cake

Super delicious, tender but still good amount of chew to the beefy beef. Not sure if this is common but ours had a few finger shaped rice cakes.

Nakji Dolsot - Octopus, Vegetables on Rice in Sizzling Stone Pot

Complex flavors of vegetables, chili, garlic, onions, savory, heat, sweet, tangy, ocean, more things. The octopus was a little chewy, but lack of crispy rice underneath was the most disappointing. A server set it down and instructed us to stir it right away to get the crispy rice. I didn’t see how that would do it. I was right. It didn’t do it. But we liked the flavors enough to order it again, but with multi-grain rice like a neighboring table. Is it rude to ask for extra crispy rice?

Fellow Bottle Collectors

Lots of Love for JGold on the Walls

They only serve water, but it’s very fresh, purified water :grin:

Really nice service. $62.40 + Tip. We had leftovers for dinner.

Looking forward to going back for the Soy Sauce Marinated Live Crab.

Thanks @Chowseeker1999!


Nice report @TheCookie. :slight_smile: So glad you liked Soban!

Isn’t the array of Banchan just awesome? :smile: Also glad you liked their Galbi Jjim, delicious Beef Short Ribs.

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Yes, go for the banchan and stay for the meal. :smile: They were generous with it too. If we inquired about or praised a dish they brought seconds.


hahahhah be careful with that! When we lived in Japan my mom complemented a friends Kimono and ended up walking out with it no matter how much she protested that it wasn’t her intention! :rofl:


man that dolsot bap look good. So hungry now.

I think the idea is that you mix the rice as soon as it arrives and start eating from the top. By the time you work your way down the bowl, the rice at the bottom should have crisped up as the stone pot retains heat well.


That’s a big deal. I have a Japanese aunt who is the same way. So generous. My whole life, the minute we walk thru the door her first words are “You kids hungry?” We rarely say no, but if we do she cooks anyway. She taught us graciousness.


Ahhh okay. That’s what she was trying to tell us. Thanks!

Never ordered the galbi jjim at Soban but this looks worlds better than the over hyped Sun Nun Dang version. Real pieces of short ribs attached to bones vs. mostly slices of brisket.


If this makes for good galbi jim, MUSSE in Reseda has a damn fine version.


I miss the one at The Prince, they stopped making them and is not on the menu. It’s been at least 5 years since they stopped making it. I know this doesn’t help the thread, sorry.

RIP The Prince Galbi Jjim.

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Those looks very legit.

Looks much better than Sun Nun Dong. That is proper.

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