Bourbourn Steakhouse - Americana/Glenale

Thoughts? Thinking about going for Xmas Eve, worth it? Yelp reviews don’t look too inspiring.

What is it that appeals to you?

If what you want is a nice, upscale steakhouse, maybe consider The Royce in Pasadena, which isn’t all that far from Glendale (134, 210, exit Lake).

I may be biased but I’ve never been a fan of Mina’s use of butter to sous vide his steaks.

What’s wrong with butter when sous vide steak ? Rather common in restaurant and at home

I hate butter (except in baking applications)

And sous vide just doesn’t suit steaks.

If you like medium rare (or medium or rare) steaks, sous vide is the only way to get truly what you want. Everything else will just give you a temperature gradient


I want a temperature gradient.

Plus, sous vide gives you baby food texture. And a good steak does not need to be baby food.

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If you get baby food texture with sous vide than you don’t handle the food correctly. What temp and time are you using ?

I don’t bother with sous vide at home, except sometimes with eggs. And that I can usu. do without use of the Sansaire.

But I’ve had sous vide steak at a number of restaurants (Per Se, Volt, Saison, Saddle Peak Lodge, and a few others), and each time have never been impressed, much less pleased.

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granted: i no longer eat steaks
but that approach of using a butter sous vide on steaks sounds gross.

that dish alone, probably would have converted me into a vegetarian.

imho, good steak should taste like pure steak, not like butter.
also, the textureS of a grilled/barbequed steak were a large part of the appeal.

to each his own

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A well-marbled, properly aged steak needs very little in the way of manipulation.

Some heat, some salt, a bit of pepper, and a knife and fork are about all the accouterments I need with my steak.

Save the butter to use in the apple pie crust. And then only judiciously with a good helping of lard.