Braugasthof Baeren (Titisee - Black Forest/Germany)

When you are in Germany you have to eat at least once “classical” German food (or what many tourists still consider German food even though it might have been correct 30-40 years ago - with the constant addition of immigrants over the last 60 years food today looks now very different)
We choose a small Gasthof in the town of Titisee-Neustadt in the Black Forest called Baeren which is also part of a small brewery (good pilsner and hefeweizen). The food was actually quite good in a small, charming place

Flammkuchen with Black Forest Ham and Onions

Beilagensalad - Small salad which tends to be served between appetizers and entrees

Veal cutlet with mushrooms and house made spaetzle

Pork cutlets with chanterelles and house made spaetzle

Local Sausages in beer sauce with onions and fried potatoes

Rote Gruetze (mix of berries cooked to jam-like consistency) with vanilla ice cream and cream

Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Local scenery

Local waterfall