Brazilian Arrives in OC via Brazil Cali Grill

I’ve been noticing an increased Brazillian population spike here in OC (a good thing) and this restaurant confirms it.

Brazil Cali Grill in Costa Mesa.

Buffet by the lb with choice of grilled meats.

The picanha and tri tip are excellent. Very tender and flavorful. The picanha had that silky texture that you usually don’t get in the churrascarias in the US. The linguça was too salty and didn’t taste like the stuff in Brazil.

Owners and cooks are kind and speaking full blown Portuguese.

It’s $8.65/lb for the buffet items only, $9.85/lb for combo buffet and grilled meats, and $15.95/lb for meats only.

A customer walked up and asked for picanha only and the guy working there recommends he take a small scoop of something from the buffet so it lowers his cost. Great people and I hope their gentle ways don’t backfire.

Below plate of 3 choice of meat totaled $14 which included 5 slices pichana, 2 slices tri tip, and the linguça.

Can’t wait to come back and try the other cuts (pork ribs weren’t ready).

Feijoada available Wesnesday and Saturday.


I’m so there.

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Went back today to take one for the team.

Picanha is still super. The chicken is very juicy, very good, the pork ribs were toothsome and excellent.

They indeed had feijoada today as advertised. Some of the meat was a bit tough and dry but I’m guessing that’s the salt dried beef. The beans were very flavorful and had the right silky texture. I would pass on the meat in the feijoada and just spoon the beans over the rice and go to town on the meats from the grill.


Feijoada is meant to be prepared from whatever leftover meat there is anyways… Thanks for the report back.

Write up today in OC Weekly food section

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Mad hipster :joy:

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Chicken pot pie Fridays.

Nice crust, like what you would get on a pastel as opposed to American chicken pot pie. The filling is generous amounts of chicken breast, green olives, and peas. Sauce is light and not too heavy. Not profound but very tasty.

There was also a beef short rib dish smothered in tomatoes and onions that was very good.

Word is out and they were out of picanha when we ordered. The owner noticed how much we wanted it and brought us over 4 delicious slices while we were eating. I could come here and just have the picanha if the other stuff wasn’t also so darned good.