Breakfast at Cafe Medina in downtown Vancouver

Before I start this review, I should explain what brunch is like at my house on the weekends. I get duck eggs from Metzer farms in Gonzales, and house bacon from A Cut Above. I love to fry my duck eggs in bacon fat. My husband makes excellent pancakes and waffles from scratch. We very rarely go out for brunch because we can generally make better at home.

That said, I was really looking forward to breakfast at Cafe Medina. The waiters around town had really talked up the place. It didn’t hurt that it was literally next door to our hotel. We got there a little after 8am and the place was already packed. We sat at a table next to the window, so I got to people watch. We ordered each one of their breakfasts that come in small cast iron pans. They were fine, but nothing I could not do a better job making at home.
Mine came with goat cheese that was hard to find, potatoes and eggs and arugula.

My husband got something with loads of meat, some of which was just okay and he complained tasted mostly of tomato sauce. Bland he called it.

We also had to flag down our waiter everytime we needed coffee.

We also got the belgian waffles that everyone raved about with the choice of sweet sauces. The waiter insisted we get two, that one was not enough. In the end, one would have been enough, as we could not taking anything home. The waffles were fine and some of the sauces excellent.

Don’t know if I would go back again - maybe just for the waffles.

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