Breakfast Burrito

I have been getting mine from CJ’s on pico. It’s good, not great at a reasonable price. I recently tried Nicks on Pico, and surprisingly I like CJ’s a bit better, I’m a big fan of nick’s in general, so I was surprised.

For a healthy breakfast burrito I love the one at one life natural foods on main st. in santa monica, good price and size and they fill it with the usual stuff but add more veggies. So it’s veggie heavy. I used to get it all the time when I lived over there. I also like the one at lazy daisy in beverly hills. haven’t tried the santa monica one. the burrito is small, which is ok, since these burritos are filling anyway, and not cheap $10 (after I add meat), but it’s delish. I ask them to make the potatoes extra crunchy. The most annoying part is they don’t have salsa! I usually just use my left over salsa from leo’s or el chato.

What BB do you like?

Nick’s Cafe near Chinatown, extra meat and cheese with hash browns

Corner Cottage in Burbank add extra sausage, extra cheese, extra salsa (HOT) and easy Potatoes.

Luck Boy in Pasadena on Arroyo


I really enjoy the chorizo breakfast burrito at Tacos Tu Madre. More than the tacos, actually. I also enjoy the chorizo bb at Tacos Por Favor.

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I’m a big fan of Nate’s Korner in Santa Ana. The standout features for me are that they use fried eggs instead of scrambled and the hash browns are well done. Delicious.


Tara Grill on Woodley in Van Nuys makes great breakfast burritos. $3.95 for egg, potato and cheese or for $1 more, you can add ham, bacon, chorizo, etc. They even have soy chorizo. They are a really good size too. I usually do a chorizo burrito, easy on the potatoes. Make sure you get their chipotle sauce/salsa on the side too – great heat to it, and it goes really well with the burrito.

Big enough for breakfast and lunch. Very nice family run place.

Totally agree on both counts. The lady that runs it was totally unaware of the love they were getting online a few years back, from OCWeekly in particular, until I printed copies of the articles and took them in to her. Very nice people.

I usually split the burrito with my wife. I introduced it to a coworker who started going there twice a week to get that burrito for lunch. Ah to be in my 20’s again and be able to eat like that and stay thin.

I also love there steak and cheese sandwich there. I get it spicy with double meat, but that’s another thread.

JiST Cafe.

Because sometimes you just need to have a breakfast burrito plated and engaged with fork and knife, or at least fork.

That is my go to lunch sandwich.

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Cofax. I am planning on going this weekend for BB, coffee and donuts. Is Cofax worth the hype?

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Tacos Por Favor Venice

and Tacos Tu Madre Westwood


I absolutely think it’s worth the hype - I loooooove that breakfast burrito and their salsas.

Lucky Boy will always have a special place in my heart, and when it’s 1 AM and you’re drunk or it’s 11 AM and you’re hungover there’s really nothing better, but Cofax is my actual favorite in town. If I lived closer I’d go every weekend.


Tacos Delta on Sunset in Silver Lake. Not the best at anything in particular but the food is dependable.

My go-tos are the potato/egg/chorizo burrito or the tacos dorados de papa

Nicks Cafe.

Don’t forget that housemade salsa and the housemade jam for those biscuits!!

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Lily’s (in Malibu) breakfast burrito with their own roasted green chili hot sauce is fantastic.

Thanks. I’m in the area Sunday morning and looking forward to trying Cofax. I’m wondering if they will have Rucker’s donuts now she is at Smorgasburg on Sunday.

Las Virgenes Taqueria in Calabasas (located inside a gas station) is the alpha and omega of breakfast burritos, and this is coming from someone who did a breakfast burrito crawl for his birthday a few years back.

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I love the chile relleno burrito from La Azteca in ELA

La Azteca Tortilleria
4538 E Cesar E Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90022

Instagram pix

Nice balance of well-prepared ingredients in the Cofax BB.

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despite the weird hours, random closures and erratic service, the chilaquiles burrito at tacos villa corona is the best i’ve come across.

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Get the strawberry crunch donut. Breakfast burrito is solid but I’m am in the camp of, there is no breakfast burrito that is destination worthy. Those donuts on the other hand…