Breaking News - Jessica Koslow’s New Restaurant

Anyone else catch this item from the Robb Report posted on January 2nd. First I’ve heard of it. Anyone know anything about it? Location? I’m guessing Silver Lake, Echo Park or nearby. The name of the restaurant is Palma.

“One of 2018’s most anticipated openings never came to be. After years of planning, Jessica Koslow, the chef behind the Sqirl saw her sophomore restaurant fail before it started. But lucky for us, she’s a tenacious one: This year she’s teaming up with Gabriela Cámara of Mexico City’s Contramar to create a Mexican restaurant with the Koslow twist of high acid and fermented flavors.”

give me some tuna tostadas

Saw this go around on twitter, would love to have some further confirmation though - Robb Report isn’t exactly known for local scoops, it’s wedged into a kind of a boring list of global restaurants, it hasn’t been reported anywhere else, and it’s definitely the kind of foodie catnip that sounds like an April Fool’s joke.

I do love the hell out of both contramar and sqirl tho…

I guess what I’m trying to say is Big, If True.

From a reliable friend in the biz: Palma is indeed coming.


cnfirmd, name is onda


Awesome. I liked Sqirl the one time I went, and I wish them both the best (esp since this place is WAAAAAAY closer to me than is Sqirl).

On a totally separate note, I like how the hotel has preserved the old architecture…

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Anyone stopped by? I believe the hotel is open. Not sure about Onda.

The Hotel’s website says August, Eater just pegged it as “Summer” in a 6/19/19 piece on the most anticipated upcoming openings.

I stopped by on Tuesday. The hotel is open, but still there are workmen all over, working. It seems like it shouldn’t be open, to me. The bar is in full swing (of course it is), and the dining room off the lobby has a very limited menu: Cheeseburger (I believe it’s $28), Chopped Salad (also $28), Charcuterie, and other small plates.

It’s a pretty hotel - wanted to explore more than the lobby but they were busy with photoshoots so couldn’t move around past the lobby bar.