Breva -- Hotel Figueroa, DTLA

anyone else have any thoughts on this place? I’ve been a few times and enjoyed it very much, haven’t eaten a full meal but only a few small bites and mostly drinks. I think the bar program is excellent, they have some skilled bartenders who care about their craft (including one of my favorite bartenders from ERB). I thought the Gintonicos were gimmicky at first but then when I had a couple, I was convinced – I really liked them, they’re made with good ingredients, and the liquid nitrogen is a cool (literally) touch.

Wasn’t a fan of the potato slices/wedges, would have preferred thin fries.

No. 3 gintonico (with grapefruit, rosemary, balsamic fir, three cents grapefruit tonic); Mi Tierra (del maguey mezcal, tapatio tequila blanco, green chatreuse infused with jalapeño, lime, agave). both excellent

Grilled oysters. The oysters were meaty and the sauce was lovely, great balance of buttery richness with lemony acid and the herbal greens (parsley?).


Hi @brritscold -

Belated welcome to FTC.

Did you ever go to the hotel, restaurant or bar before the remodel? How does it compare?

I can be annoyingly nostalgic. We loved the funky, Moroccan, bohemian Hotel Figueroa - even the dark, barely modernized rooms where you could most tell the hotel was formerly a YMCA, and the quirky owner, who my cousin kept calling Rick (from casablanca).

Anyway, I’m curious about peeps’ thoughts on this latest version?

P.S. Good report.

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That looks like a proper spanish style gin tonic! thanks for this… been craving ever since our recent trip

Decdied to stop lurking and start posting finally eh!

I definitely like the place…sort of a last minute neighborhood standby for me if all else fails. All the gin & tonics are really refreshing. Food is solid – have had their steak, branzino, and fried chicken over 2-3 visits.

Ashley and Diaz came over from ERB, very good bartenders. ERB’s old bar manager is now at Dama in the Fashion District, which I am checking out tonight. ERB isn’t quite the same now drink wise…stick to the menu drinks. Anyway, Rick’s by the pool is a fun place to hang out, but I’m waiting for the seated cocktail tasting menu upstairs to open.

Overall they’ve done a nice job with this place and you don’t have to spend $200 to have a decent meal like you would over at NoMad. It’s a one-stop shop for a fun night in DTLA.

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Seems like they still have the fun, unfussy vibe? No big trips for us this year, just stay-cations. Would you recommend?

Good fries, even better burger. For a Basque place weird, I know.

Mille Feuille, as beautiful as it is, actually tastes even better.

Good neighborhood spot, or a good breakfast meeting place (and if you’re there to break fast don’t overlook the bacon date scone).

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Yes, definitely. While it’s decidedly nicer than pre-renovation, it’s still casual. Maybe a touch more fussy than Freehand, but less fussy than NoMad.

On the flip side, I’ve never been there during the day, so I don’t know how it would be to stay there if you wanted to lounge by the pool in peace. Rick’s by the pool doesn’t really get going until 10-11pm+ and I can’t comment on noise for guests on the weekend.

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Thanks @DTLAeater.

Maybe we’ll do weekdays. :wink:

That dry-aged burger is legit. Too bad they took the paella off the menu

I know - Their initial paella promo photo looked legit.

Paella. No good.

Thanks for taking a risotto (posing as paella) for the team.