Brewed coffee maker

I need help. I want to get a new brewed coffee maker. I don’t want The Nespresso Evoluo as I’m too absent minded to order pods. I’d want something like a Technivorm Moccamaster but with better reviews. The Kitchen Aid brew over coffee maker gets mixed reviews. They all get very extreme mixed reviews. I have a Cuisinart 12 cup now. It’s fine but I can tell it’s time with us is limited. It’s having a rough time turning on and it’s about 10 years old. What to do???:confused:

I have a Bonavita with a thermal carafe, works great, great reviews from coffee geeks. Appears designed to last forever. $132 if you shop around.

The feedback I get from this machine is that the coffee doesn’t stay warm in the thermal carafe. Is the carafe holder heated?

Coffee makers with thermal carafes don’t have hot plates. Gradually the coffee cools down. It still tastes fresh, so if you want it hot, you could just microwave it.

With an unuinsulated carafe and hot plate the coffee cooks and gradually tastes worse and worse. To my palate just a few minutes on a hot plate makes the coffee undrinkable.

I think you should get a chemex. You can find 'em for about $40 (and ~$9 for 100 filters).

It’s a bit more work than an automated coffee maker, sure, but the results are so much better. (Plus it’s not really that much work.) I’ve never had a cup of coffee from a coffee machine that is even close.

I believe in you.

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I experimented with Chemex, I don’t think it maker better coffee than a good automatic drip machine does, and it’s more prone to user error. I also prefer the results from Melitta-style filters, which are less than half the price.

They make an automatic brewer and there’s also a third-party one.

Fair enough. I have no doubt that there are some good machines out there, but from all the ones I’ve tried, the coffee just seems different. Like the machinery got in the way. Definitely agree that there can be some trial and error, though. Even with different kinds of beans. But that’s part of the experience that I enjoy. Even when it’s not great, I think it’s still pretty dang good.

And thanks for the article on the ottomatic. Looks like it’d be great but also spendyyy.

My Bonavita does exactly the same thing I’d do with a kettle, except more consistently.

Chemex filters are quite different from Melitta filters, so depending on your taste one or the other might give better results.

I was so ready to respond by saying “But you can’t control the pour, and it’s important to get the grounds wet before brewing!” Then I looked at your Bonavita and saw that it does that. I hadn’t seen that before. Still think it’s important to limit machinery in our houses (due to the impending robot uprising), but as far as coffee makers go, that one does look pretty solid.

And I actually use Melitta filters m’self as well. I was just already on the Chemex site, so I noted their filter prices.

If it was up to me, I’d do a hand pour over. But because of time constraints in the am, I prefer an automatic. And my husband also prefers that as well. Pour over has great taste and probably them best. So I get why people suggest the chemex. But just not convenient for us. I’ll look into the Bonavita 8 cup. There is a Bonavita with a glass carafe but I get what RL is saying now about cooking the coffee. I never really thought about it that way. DUH.

I prefer an automatic coffee maker, the simpler the better, because until I’ve had my coffee I’m likely to make mistakes.

I had a Technivorm for 12 years until it gave up the ghost a couple months ago. Made great coffee, but I’ve switched to a Toddy instead of replacing it because I just can’t tolerate brewed coffee’s acid anymore.

If you can, I recommend it.

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My Bonavita is basically a clone of the Technivorm.

what do you all think of this?

I have no idea what this does or how or anything…

Neither do I but it looks like that gold fish bowl I had back in high school.

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Those make great coffee but are a lot of work to use and clean.

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Looks cool but sounds too fussy.

The folks at The Sweethome did a shoot out of high end brewers They like a new brewer by OXO but also the Bonavita. I have a Technivorm at home but recently bought a Bonavita as a gift for my father-in-law. Both make great coffee, but I like the Bonavita better (they weren’t on the market yet when I bought my Technivorm).

Hola @trolley, not sure if you’ve pulled the trigger on this yet, but I was in Sur Le Table yesterday, and the Bonavita machine that’s been talked about on this thread was on sale for $99. Believe the sale was going through this weekend (not sure if it was that specific location or company-wide).

Have not pulled the trigger yet. I get overwhelmed at these decisions and make NO decision. Will go to SLT soon! Thanks.