Brief stop in Vienna

We had some good eats in Vienna, which I’ll post later, but I do want to post one place to AVOID: Genussmomente in the Naschmarkt (the tourist claptrap; there is apparently a legit farmer’s market attached to one end one day a week). Super pushy and added more cheese to what we had ordered (and charged us $$$ for it). We were too tired to argue, but I heard one couple arguing w/ another employee at this stand to reduce the amount he had put in their order, and someone else walking stated that the stand was only good for tasting but that you had to fight against the pushy employees (had she only walked by 5 minutes earlier!).

I don’t even want to go into what happened here, but this is PSA. You’ve been warned, folks.


Naschmarkt is in general a place in Wien to be avoided at all cost

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Yeah, I think I had gotten it confused a real farmer’s market from the description. I completely agree w/ you.

Feeling better, but I’m so overloaded w/ work now that I’m not sure when I’ll be able to circle back w/ pics and reviews. But I wanted to say that Cafe Purstner and Cafe Sperl were both fun. Thinks of Purstner as the Viennese version of Ye Olde King’s Head (incl – actually, ESPECIALLY – b/c of the decor).

If you had little knowledge of Vienna and wanted a place that was kind of old-timey and classic, I think Cafe Sperl would fit the bill. I had their veggie soup of the day, which was DELICIOUS.