Brittany Crêpes (and galettes) opening in Berkeley

Are the galettes any good? I see they’ve been at various farmers markets for a few years and the owner is a Breton. Supposed to open for dinner at 913 University on Thursday.

This is the real deal. Server was French as were a lot of the customers.

Soup of the day was a very French seasonal vegetable potage. Charcuterie plate included some excellent pâté de campagne.

Galette with ham and Gruyere was just what it should be. I thought bites without much filling needed a tiny pinch of salt but that’s probably good for Berkeley palates.

Apple and caramel crêpe was also spot on.

I liked the bottled cider a lot more than house cider by the glass, worth the extra money.

The galette seemed a bit dry to me, on the way out I asked if they use butter, they said “yes, but not as much as they do in Brittany,” so they’ve gone a little Berkeley on that score as well. In the future I’ll ask for extra butter.

Dinner only to start. Hours and contact info on the new web site:

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Went back the other night and asked for the traditional amount of butter. Perfect.

They now have traditional bowls for the cider. I prefer the pear to the apple.

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