Brodards at new location for lunch

My Dad and I like to meet for lunch in spots halfway between his home and mine. Luckily, very luckily, there are many good places to choose from. This time, I chose Brodards. We’d been before, at the old location. The new one, across from Miles Square Park, serves beer, wine and sake(old location didn’t serve booze). Good thing, since after braving the 405, I definitely feel I deserve a glass of wine!

We got 3 different types of springrolls. I remember the last time the Cha Gio wasn’t outstanding, so we didn’t get. since I order too much, anyways. We also got a bottle of sake. We had good service, with a young, eager waiter.

Grilled Pork Spring rolls - nem nuong cuon - delicious!

Shrimp spring rolls - chao tom cuon

Bo Bia rolls - a crunchy roll with pork sausage, fried egg, and shallots.

I’ve gotten the bahn xeo twice before. Once it was light and delicious, the second time it was heavy and doughy. Thought I’d give it one more chance. This time was excellent - light and crispy.

Lastly, we got this chicken and shrimp roll - bahn cuon ga tom. It was excellent! We could not stop eating it!

I prefer this new location as the interior feels better, less like the cafeteria feeling of the old location.


Thanks for the report. I been meaning to visit the new one. I have always just got the grilled pork roll had no idea there was other options.

Will have to try out the Banh Xeo, too. Interesting grill marks on that. Thanks again


My cousin is ordering their cuon to-go tomorrow for a party at my house. I’ve requested nem nuong and chao tom…I hope it is as good as it’s been in the past.


I also love the new location. Definitely need to try the bánh xèo now after your pic!

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I can report that the rolls were still solid. The rolls were the first thing to disappear from buffet. I still have lots of sauce left. Might need to make my own rolls so it doesn’t go to waste.


Indeed the new location is better. Layout is great—separate order and pick up area for to go and phone orders. Bar with alcohol too! Plus parking is much easier. So impressed that they donated their old location to charity and invested in this new spot.