Broguiere's Dairy closing (UPDATE: WHO KNOWS NOW?)


Terrible news.

“The owner is just old, he’s older. What was explained to me that they just can’t deal with the new legislation and there’s nobody to take over the business.”

Maybe somebody will buy them.

That sucks. Their egg nog is how I get through the holidays.

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I had heard about this the other day, but the news was on FB and people were calling it a hoax. So terribly sad for such a great business.

dis bad

Damn it.

Guess I need to drive out there and stock up on some chocolate milk.

Been there. Don’t bother. All sold out.

So this was the word on Tuesday; they said a final decision will be made “this week” – so far I don’t see any final updates?

At the very least I want their eggnog recipe; that would just be mean to take it to the grave with them.

Per recent reviews on yelp, Broguiere’s isn’t closing after all, and chocolate milk will be available again in a week-and-a-half to two weeks.


Okay, this is getting annoying now.

is it cheaper to buy it at the dairy?

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Thank you!! Now I gotta go get some before they change their minds again!!

Just started using Broguiere’s for my cappuccinos for this first time. Absolutely blows away every other milk I’ve tried for that purpose.