Broguiere's Eggnog at Last!

I’ve been looking for this for years, and I finally found it tonight at Sprouts in Huntington Beach. I’m looking for suggestions on how best to enjoy it. Thanks in advance!

It’s too viscous coming out of the bottle, IMHO. I would dilute it with a bit of milk and add some Grand Marnier or Bailey’s. Enjoy!


Eggnog, whiskey, rum and nutmeg. As J_L says, this eggnog is really viscous. The whiskey and rum help dilute the eggnog, add nice flavors and get you twisted enough to half-tolerate the crazy gun-totin’ brother-in-law who parked his monster truck in your drought-tolerant garden.


Just picked up a bottle at my local Ralph’s too. Yum.

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i got some at ralphs too. to my surprise whole foods doesn’t sell it. they have some even more expensive brand in the same type of bottle.

We got ours at Bristol Farms in Westchester on Wednesday.

We add milk and bourbon or spiced rum. Sometimes ice cubes (yeah, yeah).

I think originally egg nog was supposed to be thick, like an alcoholic posset. It was a sweet, boozy drink, yet nutritious.

Medieval posset was milk curdled with alcohol, or curdled milk with alcohol. It’s uncertain whether American eggnog evolved from posset or was developed independently.

Since I stopped drinking, egg nog is not as good.

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What is except maybe sleep?





Not if you use a spoon, and dispense with the intermediary vessel sometimes referred to as a “cup” or “glass.”


Thanks for all of the suggestions!

My first taste was, indeed, straight out of the bottle. I was not disappointed. The viscosity was not too much for me; I loved the flavor and richness. I usually don’t use my good stash for mixing drinks, but combining it with the Saint Lucian rum we brought back from our honeymoon made for a great rainy day treat.

It’s been years, but I’m thinking about making my own batch this year.

Another thing I’ll probably is Serious Eats’ recipie for basic shaken eggnog that looks too easy not to try. I’m curious as to how it will turn out.


Pavilion in MdR has Brougiere’s as well.

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is this supposed to run 9 bucks in the store ? 32 ounce size.

Yep. plus bottle deposit.

That gets expensive fast.

Where would be the cheapest market to purchase from

I hear that. Broguiere’s is basically homemade quality. I tend to get some once every few years, but at those prices I end up making my own more often. Even though I use premium dairy it still comes out cheaper than the Broguiere’s.

To be useful, I saw some in at the Bristol Farms on Wilshire and Berkeley. It was in a designated case near the front of the store.

I saw that one too, but i thought maybe Vonses or somewhere could offer it cheaper ?