Broken Rice Plate Update in Little Saigon: Sai Thanh

The crew from Com Tam Thuan Kieu has moved a few doors down. My last visit there was terrible. Portions were small, fried shrimp cake was cold. Veggies and pickles sucked.

The new place is at the end. It is larger and cleaner. Quality and portion sizes are back up. Ample tender grilled chicken and crispy freshly fried shrimp cake wrapped in bean curd skin. Menu has expanded to included several rolls, vermicelli bowls, bun cha hanoi, catfish in clay pot, etc.

Come here for your broken rice plate fix.

The negative Yelp reviews are probably competitor reviews. The locals have already figured it out and made the move.


Hi @Porthos,

Great reporting! Thanks for the heads up. So did you recognize some of the staff at the new place? The new place looks delicious. :slight_smile:

Still Cash Only?

All of the staff is at the new place including the woman at the cashier and all the guy waiters.

I didn’t see if it was still cash only.