Broken spanish

Have a reservation this weekend, anyone have good recommendations to order from the menu?

Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

Nice. Most of the standouts are still on the menu from before, so feel free to see if any pics or recs in this thread appeal to you. :slight_smile:

Pollo Prensado, Albondigas, order their Heirloom Tortillas with a side of (your choice), Lamb Neck Tamale, Chicharron. Enjoy!

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Thank you!

Hard to go wrong at BS. Duck Albondigas and tortillas are a must. Don’t overlook the specials - they are almost always great. The only large format that failed to wow me was the snappper (once, and it was still excellent).

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Thanks for the replies @Chowseeker1999 @CiaoBob and @Sgee looking forward to our meal there and will report back!

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The chicharron is great but really big and rich.

Everything I’ve had there was great, not one dish I wouldn’t order again.

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Went last night to broken Spanish and it was delicious! The locale is too dark to take pics w/o flash so no pics.

We had the pollo prensado, Duck albondigas, lamb neck tamales, fig tostada, tortillas, chicharon, and oxtail quesadilla. I also got the mayahuel and zocalo drinks.

Highlights were the meatballs, tostada, and prensado. Although everything was very delicious, only minor complaint was that some bites of the chicharon were quite salty.

So glad we had a chance to finally check out the restaurant , it’s been on our list for awhile but we rarely go downtown. Definitely will return to try additional dishes.


Definitely get dessert next time, and the beet pibil! Glad you enjoyed the food.

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We ended up walking to bottega Louie for dessert just for the change in scenery.

Unfortunately they didn’t have the beer pibil on the menu or we would’ve ordered it!