Brooklyn Fare - decent grocery store in a desolate area

Happened by this well stocked grocery store while running errands earlier in the week. Picked up some kombucha and lo and behold, tucked in a little corner is a 3* joint. Unfortunately nothing available that night for walk-ins, 6 weeks advance reservations via telephone… :roll_eyes:

Ended up with Isaan takeout from Larb Ubol and Pakistani chicken curry on the next block.


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The restaurant in back, Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, is outstanding. One of my favorite restaurants in the US, top 3. I’m going later this month :grin: Yes I called 6 weeks out when the reservation line opened at 10:00am, I couldn’t get through for an hour. But yea there’s like nothing in the surrounding area…and yes, no longer in Brooklyn :smile:


It’s actually not that desolate an area if you walk towards State Street. Lots of fine fare in Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens.

They’ve relocated to Manhattan by 37th & 10th.

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What are the other two?

Saison and The Restaurant at Meadowood.

Thanks for the update. I had no idea CT had moved.

my top 1 fine-dining place in the US.


I agree

Grrrrr … last time I tried calling 6 weeks in advance for any restaurant was French Laundry circa mid 2000s. Gave up… hence never dined there (although I’ll be hanging with TK next month at PerSe :grin:). Will see how many attempts I’ll make this time before I throw in the towel…

Amex concierge is the way to go for booking restaurants in New York, they were able to book my CT@BF table before reservations opened up to the general public.

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thanks for the reminder, I’ll give them a shot.

The one and only time I tried using them was for Tokyo last year, completely useless!!!

Tokyo is the one place where no one can help you with a reservation

My cousin’s cousin used to work the line there. We didn’t give him enough notice when we rolled into town so we didn’t have a chance to try it…I was terribly sad with this lack of planning.

“But yea there’s like nothing in the surrounding area.…”

Ok… yes, there was nothing like Bklyn Fare in the surrounding area. It’s probably one of the top 5 restaurants in NYC, so how could there be?
However, this is not a “desolate area”, nor is it true that there’s “like nothing” around it. Chewchow is on the money but was being nice by understating the misconception… this place is on Schermerhorn, one block from Smith St, two blocks from Atlantic Ave, 5 blocks from Ft. Greene and very close to Park Slope, Bklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights & even Clinton Hill. This area is the center of “Downtown Brooklyn” & has 5 major hotels within a 10 block radius and 2 bedroom condos selling for $1.5million. It has just about every subway line in NYC available within blocks. The Barclay Center & Bklyn Academy of Music are a short walk away as well. If the saying “location, location, location” has any truth to it, this area is the definition of it.
There are more than a dozen excellent restaurants (none of BF standard, but very good) within easy walking distance: like La Vara, Battersby, River Cafe, Frankies… – all well known and written up by and on every other food site. And there are several well known cocktail places as well: Clover Club, Elsa, Long Island Bar… – all right there.
So, “no”, not “desolate”. And not alone. Okay… rant over.:rofl:
(hey, I’m a 65 year old born in Brooklyn guy, living in the area… what can you expect?)


Uh it’s on 37th st now

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Yeah, Ramirez’ restaurant is. But the place in the picture (the grocery) is still there & its the comments about that neighborhood that I was reacting to. That’s actually the title of this thread, not Cesar’s place.

The pictures are of 37th st

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Uh, no. Not sure what you’re looking at, but the title I’m seeing on the top of this thread is “Brooklyn Fare - decent grocery store in a desolate area”, followed by 2 pictures of the grocery store in Bklyn. Am I not being clear that this thread topic & pictures are what I am responding to and not the subsequent comments/links about the excellent restaurant that used to be there and is now in Manhattan?