Brougiere's Dairy is in trouble (and how you can help)

Many of us here in L.A. know (and some actually love) Brougiere’s Dairy products. Their milk, sold in those iconic (and returnable!) old-school glass bottles taste great, their chocolate milk is milkshake-level good, and their thick egg nog is the stuff of holiday legends.

Well, it appears now that Brougiere’s Farm Fresh Dairy is in trouble (trouble as in: May go out of business forever).

Their current plight was first brought to my attention by fellow FTCer @JThur01 in his recent LAWeekly writeup:

If you have the time, perhaps consider attending the July 13th Montebello City Hall meeting in support of Brougiere’s. Thanks for reading.


Thanks for posting this. I am a member the LA Conservancy and will make sure it is brought to the board’s attention.

The lack of consistent follow-through by the city isn’t untypical if the article is true. When this story was featured on local TV news a while ago the spokesperson for the city was adament that the city had a plan to move the business.

I worked at a now closed shop in a county-owned marina complex that has changed official renovation plans several times in the past two years following 15+ years of laborious approval process. Several small businesses closed mostly due to lack of a consistent plan for what will actually be done.

Thanks for the update. Last I had heard a resolution had been reached after local news ran the story, but apparently that hasn’t yet actually come to fruition.

Broguiere’s is too iconic to let go without a fight, and I don’t know what I’d do without their eggnog.

I just came across this post. Was there a resolution?

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Barring any unforseen changes, yes…

Sorry to leave everyone hanging. I likely would have provided follow-up, but I was incapacitated.


Thanks Jim. Hope you’re better.



Thanks J_L. Better, but as they say: “It is what it is.”

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My lovely bride picked up two of these today.


Not eggnog but I saw Broguiere’s at Ralphs yesterday.


Brougiere’s milk has been back for a month or so now. Sooo glad.


Time to start making my annual pilgrimages…