Brunch @ 9 (a "popup" at Endorffeine) (Chinatown)

For those who are in search of something different for brunch, consider the “Thai” brunch at the popup 9 @ Endorffeine.

Menu rotates monthly, and is usually 3 courses, with an accompanied beverage pairing. So far, I’ve had the Thai omelet and a kamut berry bowl, as well as some very savory rice noodles with bean curd on another.

Seatings are by e-mail request and invitations only. The invite below is for the two upcoming weekends in August (click on the picture for the full invite details). If you’re looking for something unusual, and some good company (by Jack the owner/chef/barrista), then consider 9 at Endorffeine.

727 North Broadway #127 (directly across from Howlin Ray’s)


There is great coffee being made at Endorffeine.

I really want to love them, but the owner (Jack?) and his female assistant are just so goddamn cold.
Also, they wont serve me my goddamn espresso in a ceramic cup.
Who likes drinking espresso from a paper cup?!:angry:
All I can smell is the paper!:triumph: