Brunch/Lunch Sunday K-town (or nearby)

My folks are in town and want to take me to brunch on Sunday (grumble). For some reason they are insisting on driving from my sister’s in Woodland Hills over to me in Ktown. I’m kinda stumped on where to go, so I thought I’d throw it out to you before I succumb to mediocre and just take them to La Brea Bakery.

At this point they are mostly vegetarian, but they do eat fish and egg whites. They’re not into overly spicey food and a quiet, pleasant space to talk would be great (dad has 2 hearing aids). I thought that Commissary might be good (never been), but I’m afraid they might get sticker shock. Last time we did this, we went to Cafe Gratitude (Larchmont) they loved it, but I was miserable.

If I were to narrow it down area wise—Ktown, Larchmont, La Brea-ish. Don’t want to head to downtown or Silverlake (or the brunch zoo that is 3rd/Beverly). Should I just meet them half way-ish in Studio City/Sherman Oaks?


CJ’s isn’t fancy or expensive. It is good. Pico/La Brea area. Waffles/wings/fresh squeezed oj/huevos rancheros.

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I second Republique. It’s first come first serve for brunch, though, so get there earlier to get a table.

Thanks to both of you! I’ve been wanting to go there and I just checked out their menu—it looks like it might fit the bill. No reservations? How early is earlier (my nephew is getting his black belt in karate on Sat @ 8am in fkn West Hills—so I was hoping to not see day break on Sunday)? If no reservations–how long is the wait?

@LAgirl, I think it varies.

One time I went, around 10 a.m. was fine. Another time by 11:30 - close to 12 Noon the line was out the door and I skipped it that day.

I think if you get there before 10 ish, there shouldn’t be much of a wait (depending on your party size).

Between 10 and 2, I think it can get pretty hectic.

I once had a reservation at 8 pm for dinner, and still had to wait nearly 30 minutes. Got comped drinks, so there’s that.

That looks like a great place for me to check out sans parentals. I need a couple of glasses of wine to ease the interregation (conversation) that we’ll be having. :grin:

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Haha true that.

I’m glad my folks still live in New England!

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wow—before 10am.

My folks won’t have a problem w/ that (but inside I’m kinda groaning about waking up @ 8 to pull myself together and get out the door w/ a very large mug–yes, mug not cup–of espresso already in me).

I’ll run that by them when I see them on Sat. Any options that are manageable around noon?

Musso and Frank’s.

Correction closed Sundays. Another spot to hit up without the 'rents!

hahaha. It’s always good to have your parents live in another state (preferable on the other side of the country). But my folks live in Tucson—so far enough away that they don’t show up @ my door unannounced, but close enough that they can drive out easily whenever they have time or feel like it.

BLD, perhaps?


I’ve never attempted Sycamore Kitchen at Noon (they close at 12:30 p.m. on Sat / Sun), but they have wonderful housemade pastries from Karen Hatfield (of Hatfield’s) and some delish brunch items. When I hit them up around 10 - 10:30+ a.m. it’s always Ok.


All of the places on Berverly & 3rd are a mob scene on the weekend—even driving down those streets (between La Brea & La Cienega) can become an obstacle course trying to avoid the novice parallel parkers, parking attendents running into the street and folks trying to make left turns w/ no turn lanes.

It’s looking like I need to compromise/give in and wake up early on Sunday to avoid that.

Should we just do lunch in Studio City/Sherman Oaks instead? Is it less crowded slightly over the hill?

Square One Dining, and just call it a fucking day.

or Art’s Deli in the Valley and everyone is happy.

Or Bi Bi’s or CiCi’s for brunch, sisters, or relatives, i definitly fucking think so.

or where would i go in the half way mark zone ???

hmmm, i’ll have to get back to you on that.

2nd st, bev area in WeHo is a cluster fuck to put it lightly.

hmmm, maybe one of the joints on larchmont. the Larchmont cafe ain’t half bad, and that’s no fucking joke.

Parking + wait @ square one sucks.

They actually like Art’s (figures) and that could be a good midway compromise. I kinda remember their matzah brei being servicable, although it’s been ages since I’ve been there so I may be deluding myself.

Do you mean Larchmont Bungalow (close to 1st st) or The Larchmont (on Melrose)? The Bungalow has a line w/ a monitor for brunch (to “ease” the traffic flow). I go to The Larchmont (formerly Larchmont Grill) for work lunches and I know they started brunch service earlier this year (haven’t checked that out yet).

Also—that reminds me. Rose & Vine (in the former Lou space) has brunch as well. Anybody try it? I’ve been several times for lunch and the food has been surprisingly good.

Yep. Larchmont Bungalow on Larchmont.

I know this is an old post. But, I was searching “Commissary” and this post came up. Has anyone been there? Did you like? We are going to an event in the area and was thinking of going. I want go to someplace veggie friendly.

Went to Republique yesterday for breakfast around 0830. Three couples in front of us. After 0900, line out the door - about 6-8 people outside the entrance. But the line literally can begin just inside the entrance since the long pastry counter begins there.

The line can move fast. It just depends how long each customer oohs, ahhhs and eeehs at the crazy number and types of pastries displayed in the case.

One person should be on the hunt for a table while others can figure out the order. Ideally, sit in the center section for the unique ambiance. But more importantly, just find a table suitable for your party.

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