Brunch Young Hollywood Style

Hi Y’all -

Apparently the young adults didn’t get their fill of us elders on Mom & Dad’s Day. A good thing? I think so.

My niece wants us all to get together for brunch during the long weekend. I looked for a dedicated Brunch thread and surprisingly found only random stuff.

So here’s the task. Where would you go in the Hollywood area for brunch that is fun for young adults? To give you an example, she is considering Catch. It doesn’t have to be seafood, but not too meaty (Salt’s Cure). We’ve been to Animal, Jon & Vinny’s and, of course, Wolf.

P.S. Also, feel free to add other young adult or mixed crowd spots in all neighborhoods. This could make good reference for future brunch seekers.


Connie & ted’s


If you want a boozy brunch with lots of good looking young people, Barbrix might be a good option. They offer bottomless mimosas for $8 and pretty much everyone is there for that. Not in Hollywood but close enough.

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Hi @TheCookie,

Second @PorkyBelly’s recs. :slight_smile: Connie & Ted’s is great (some pics and recs here).


I’m headed to Cliff’s Edge in Silverlake this weekend. I don’t know if the food is any good but it looks pretty. maybe an option if it’s not too far?

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Hi @tailbacku -

We have a few coming from the Valley, so I don’t want to extend driving time. But thanks for posting Barbrix. It seems ideal for a brunch thread. I’m hoping people will feel free to check out and post any suggestions for future reference as well.


Well @Chowseeker1999 & @PorkyBelly -

This may be the day I finally take myself 2 miles up the road to Republique. :relaxed:

As far as Connie & Ted’s? Being a New Englander, I love the place… and those oysters :kissing_closed_eyes:! But, they have that weird thing where they don’t execute other styles of seafood very well. I’ll be with born and bred Angelenos. If they start complaining I’ll get irritated. :grin:


Hi @Hungrydrunk -

It’s definitely worth one visit. I thought the QPR was not good. But it’s pretty and we had a really nice time.

Happy Brunching!

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Anyone been to little next door recently for Brunch? Is it still good… Used to be a favorite of mine but I haven’t done the Brunch thing in a while

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Definitely on the list.

Apparently Catch won’t take our big group that weekend. But we have a friend who may have juice… How L.A. :wink: We discussed Little Next Door as an option.


Catch is arguably tougher to get to from the Valley than Silver Lake. Definitely has more cache though.

Can’t beat that Catch cache

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Oh really? Did not know that. Thanks.

I just found out it wasn’t my niece who wanted Catch. It was one of my own contemporaries. I just figured it was her… but keep forgetting we’re the generation who refuses to grow old.

Now I hope we get in. :roll_eyes:

Republique is starting to trend on the group text…

Check your fucking bill if you go to catch.

Apparently catch is short for Catch Me If You Can



I saw that and meant to go back (but forgot) and read it in full. Thanks!

Did you guys know Republique is order food then sit down, and they don’t accept rez’ on weekends? But of course you did. I’m living under a rock. Of all the stuff I’ve read about the place, nobody has mentioned that!

I’m keeping my mourning veil on for Campanile a little bit longer… but I’ll get there.

Little Next Door?

Always find a manager to make arrangements re the bill.

Okay, so we won’t be going there. My crew is liable to go Goodfellas on someone.

Here’s the latest - our group is getting larger. Apparently, even the great-grands want to get out of the house. We’re leaning toward the The Roof on Wilshire. While not a culinary hotspot (sorry Eric G), the food is doable and economical for a large group. For 10+ ppl we can reserve the rooftop lounge; they have an elevator for the grands. Best part? A spectacular view! Now, if we can only get the grands to stay for sunset.

Hopefully, Paige, the events coordinator (yes, events coordinator) calls or emails us back.


Should I change the heading of my thread? :relaxed: