Bud's Meats in Penngrove - Ham, other recs?

Am thinking about going to Bud’s Meats in Penngrove for our Xmas ham. (The Smoked Ham Bone-In is $3.69/lb.) Has anyone had this recently, and are there any other recs? Thanks.

I’ve gotten rib steaks and prime rib roasts from them, very good, great for the price. Sausages can be very good, I often stock up on their chorizo.

Willowside Meats is also worth checking out. More or less similar place.

Bud’s sausages are all great. The goose my friend and I will be roasting on Friday also came from Bud’s; I expect great things!

Wanted to follow up on my post. We picked up a 12 lb ham a few weeks ago. The instructions said to heat at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes per pound, after tenting the ham. I didn’t put any glaze on it because I wanted to see how it tasted on its own.

Was a big hit with everyone. Not too salty, not too lean, very juicy and moist.

I wii be picking up 20 pound ham Saturday for making stuffed ham for my birthday; we have also got 6 batches of sausage rolls in the freezer, ready to cook. Sausage from Bud’s…wild boar with jalapeño, chicken pesto, and elk. Taste tests of all three were great.

I love Bud’s.