Bueno Catering

First Lady Mochi and I are getting married later this year, and I was curious if anyone here has had any positive experiences with catering services. It’ll take place in Palm Springs, so any LA-based operations would have to be willing to go on a bit of a trek but most seem to be willing for a fee. Probably ~40 people.

We have a friend who’s worked at http://heirloomla.com and they seem to have some good options. Also considered a truck like Guerrilla, but we’re in an indecisive phase.

Any thoughts y’all may have would be grand.


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First, congrats.

Second, do you have a price range in mind?

Thanks, pal.

We’ve been looking in the $4k-7k range. Know that’s not a ton but trying our darnedest to keep it down ish.

I just suggested we forget the whole thing and go to n/naka seven times but got shut right down.

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Might look at Shin Mi

Grand. Will do. Appreciate it.

They catered my wedding. Everybody in attendance, both Korean and non Korean, thought the food was very good, especially for a buffet type wedding service. Plenty of options for vegetarians. The galbi was a big hit and my mom packed all the leftover kim chee to hand out as wedding gifts.


Awesome! Great to hear. Still looking at options, but this is still definitely in the running.

There’s a woman named Elayne Sawaya…she has a website called The Catering Concierge. She represents a number of chefs who cater. All different specialties and price points. I’ve been to a number of events her chefs have done…all wonderful. She’ll guide you through the process. Highly recommended.

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