Bulgarini Dinner June 16th — Head Count

Please indicate below whether June 16 works for you for a FTC dinner at Bulgarini.

Of course, this is just a headcount as I’m sure the attendance will change depending on the details (e.g. price, courses, etc.).

Thank you.

And a special hat tip to @chewchow

  • Yes, June 16 works for me.
  • No, I am unavailable June 16.

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Will you also be in attendance, ipse? If so, I need to make you a blueface t-shirt


Now, Leo is postponing the dinner to June 23.

Dinner will be priced at $100 inclusive of tax and tip and limited to 20 people. Payment will be required in advance. Wine pairings ($35 inclusive) and wine by the glass will be available payable on site.

Ipse, could you put out another poll for that date? Many thanks.