Bulgarini Dinner - June 23 (new date): Head Count

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  • Yes, I can make June 23
  • No, I cannot make June 23

Please re-indicate your availability for an FTC dinner at Bulgarini on June 23, based on a rescheduling by Leo.

So we have a time? We have commitments on most saturdays and this might work if the time is 7p or later.

Welp I’m out.

This date doesn’t work for me. Out.

Darn it! One of my OC cousins wants to come to L.A. for her birthday that eve. Since a lot of members can’t make it to Bulgarini on the 23rd - leaving open seats - I tried to convince them to come a little farther. I think they’d enjoy food talkers and vice versa. But no go.

Did this idea die a quiet death?
Can this idea be resurrected?

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I know. What happened with that?

That reschedule killed all the momentum for sure.

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Mr. Bulgarini is a delight in person, very passionate and a great host - but not so good when you’re trying to plan a dinner. @J_L said it’s worth it, so… maybe in the future?

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Thanks for trying @chewchow!

IICR Leo will be back in Italy in August, so September is probably better.


Definitely… maybe we can hear about and taste ingredients brought back from his Italy trip.

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:frowning: #KetoLife


I am game.

Isn’t this from last year or is it to get the conversation restarted?

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I believe so…and I’m still game to try.

Just seeing if this idea still has legs.

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I’m in!