Bulgarini Dinner - June 23 (new date): Head Count

Can someone elaborate on what this dinner’s about? Thanks.

There was talk of an FTC meetup at Bulgarini Gelato for an evening of Leo Bulgarini’s pasta/gelato/wine/beer etc.
I think the idea of a meet-up with like-minded gluttons sounded great, but it seemed like it never happened due to scheduling problems.
I was hoping the idea might be revisited.

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The pistachio gelato and Ripassata are some of the best things I ever eaten in my life. If you never been you gotta try it. It is worth the drive. Not only that the conversations you have with Leo.

Sounds wonderful! I would be down for something like that.

Leo was up for it when the idea was proposed to him last summer.

The kicker, as @frommtron mentioned, is picking a date that everyone could be comfortable with. Which, I’d imagine will happen again this time.

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Set up a poll! I’m sure everyone that is interested would at least participate to see if something was feasible.