Bulgarini Gelato is offering 15% all purchases on Oct. 23rd!

Love Bulgarini gelato but worried about paying too much? Well, get thy butt over to Altadena tomorrow (October 23rd) - 'Cuz for one day only, all Bulgarini gelato will be discounted by 15%!

I have no financial ties with the place. This is just a friendly public service announcement - Especially for those of you who are watching your wallets, but yet crave the absolute deliciousness of (what I think is) the most authentic Italian product in L.A.

Leo is also giving out samples of his great homemade GNOCCHI!!!

Let’s see which FTCers heed the call. We should make t-shirts or have a secret handshake or something…

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Thanks buddy.

You hitting that shit up tomorrow.

I highly doubt that I can make it that way tomorrow. Traffic is going to be a fucking cluster fuck on Friday in the PM.

But then again when is it not for fucks sake ???