Bulgarini Gelato is still killing it

The flavors are incredible. I know I sound like a broken record, but this stuff is so worth the shlep to Altadena.


Bulgarini is my first stop every time I drive to LA from San Diego. I think I’d even make it my destination! I dream about the gorgonzola gelato. Keep pushing it, it’s worth repeating!

only 6 fucking scoops ???

what are you on a diet ???

btw, you got labels for those scoops and he still serving the Sicilian pistachio or no longer ???

any construction left going on ???

JL - I agree this is topdog. Curious to know your thoughts on Grom in hollywood. I was pleasantly surprised but only had 2 flavors myself.

Awesome JL! :smile:

Gotta go back.

Been only to the Malibu location once or twice but many times to the Grom location in Midtown Manhattan and there’s really a difference.

The flavors at Grom appear more muted, and sweeter at the same time. So that, for example, the chocolate is less chocolate-y but the flavor of the gelato is sweeter.

I have to say I fucking loved the flavors from Grom in Malibu. But then again I’ve never tried the original branch nor the newish H’wd locale.

but I’ve only tried the pistachio and coconut, and straitecllella (sp ???)

thanks for that.
The pistachio was nowhere near the same as Bulgarini but still pretty darn good. That flavor at Bul is special.
I chose the dark chocolate at grom over the regular chocolate and was almost as good as Bul – I agree sweeter.
I’ve not been to grom in Malibu or NYC just the one at the Dolby. My net is I want to try more there and don’t always have it in me to haul to Altadena, and when I do, might as well hit up Carmela for bang bang.

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Why not go for a bang bang bang and head a little further east to Mother Moo Creamery in Sierra Madre? Only a couple miles, as the crow flies. (In fact, Washington Blvd. runs into Sierra Madre Blvd. a couple blocks east of Carmela - hang a left and you’re almost there!)

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So far out of the way but so refreshing to have. Avocado and pomegranate granita, Hazelnut and blood orange granita, back in good ol’ April.

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oh, wow, looks pretty fucking dope.

I thought this was from today.

and it looks like he changed up his cups and perhaps upped his portion size. which is a good sign, unless the prices have slowly crept up likewise.

such a downright pity that the CC location is no longer.

And how much are the scoops running for these days ???

Btw over the summer they do movie night each and every Saturday night with a very reasonably peiced meal.

And fucking gelato of course.

Re: Grom

News is that Unilever has purchased Grom.
Unilever buys premium Italian ice cream maker GROM

Drove up to Bulgarini today after a big meal at Settabello. As soon as I walked in I was handed a cup of their homemade Fettuccine con Ragu alla Bolognese, as they were just cooling off a fresh batch on the counter. I was already stuffed, but I scarfed this down quick. Pretty good (even though true Ragu alla Bolognese isn’t usually loaded w/ tomatoes).

They didn’t have the pistachio gelato, but everything we did have was fantastic…almond, coconut, blood orange, goat milk w/ coco nibs, coffee, and chocolate chip. I could barely make the drive home to Pedro.


Should’ve just gotten a room at the nearby Hotel Constance, and called it a night.

Then you’d be able to go back Sunday morning for gelato brunch.


All 6 scoops you see in the photo cost us $21 total.

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That’s a fucking downright bargain.

From the board yesterday, the prices were:
2 scoops - $7.50
3 scoops - $8.50

I don’t remember the single scoop prices, because…well, single scoop just doesn’t register to me.

Economies of scale!