Burbank - 2022

Anything rising above the grimness worthwhile for a pre-movie dinner at the AMC 16? Everything around there fills me with sorrow. Even Guisados & Gus’s are a bummer over there.

I love the carne asada burritos from Albertos.

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Coming from Hollywood I took Hyperion the other day and grabbed Dune then jumped on the 5

You seeing Crimes of the Future tonight?

Not trying to nitpick but do you mean the Alberto’s knockoff Alfredo’s? Just asking because that used to be our go-to carne asada fries place but we didn’t love their California burritos as much as actual ‘bertos. If there is an Albertos in the area we’ll definitely want to hit it up.

Yup the knockoff on San Fernando Blvd. I think they actually have better salsas than the legit Albertos.

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if you’re looking at DT Burbank proper I don’t think you’re going to do better than Guisados / Gus / Mama Hong’s / Shake Shack. There’s an Artelice Patisserie but that’s no good for your purposes.

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Adana and Nersses Vanak are not too far away.

This pre-movie thing is also like 85% of why that Ike’s Place exists. I think it’s fine for takeout!


We haven’t been there for a while but I think you’re right about that! Something for us to consider

These days I have zero hesitation to go to Ikea just for the food… #PrettyEffingGoodKouttbullars

Also: Yes, the abgoosht at Nersses Vanak are still indeed as good as when JGold touted them.


Thanks for all this - and yes, Crimes of The Future!

The real holy grail is walkable to the AMC 16 (parking only once) and would include beer/wine/cocktail. God what a wasteland it is over there.


I was gonna say IKEA meatballs but thought I’d be run off these boards. :grin:


They tried and failed.

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Hell, I’d even take a Carousel rip-off or a Casa Vega big plate enchilada dark cave. I’m not picky!

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Urban Press Winery?

We must have been at the same screening!

Adana’s kashk-e-bademjan while watching Top Gun will work for me.


Not driving distance. But i really love the wraps at Aleppo grill. You can get it with fries inside.