Burbank breakfast: out-of-towners staying at Safari Inn and need organic eggs; with thanks and update in replies

I’ve got an old friend staying at the Safari Inn this weekend, and I’m looking for a Sunday breakfast place where we can eat and catch up. She only eats organic eggs and no chicken (there’s some sort of allergy issue).

Any suggestions on places with great breakfast food, that has a selection of not-egg dishes? Or is there an organic restaurant semi-close by we can go to?

I’ll be the transportation, and we have about a three hour time frame. They’re visiting from Portland, so there’s a lot of the farm-to-table culture that they can get at home…

you might try olive and thyme or bea beas. don’t know if the eggs are organic but you
can call and ask.
mind you, i enjoy the salads at olive and thyme, and recall having some sort
of egg thing there that was good.
ol kevin was always a fan of bea beas…me, not so much.
“great food” and “burbank” are not typically in the same sentence.

Limited menu but Grillant advertises organic eggs.

With 3 hours to work with and on a Sunday morning, I would suggest Le Petit Paris in DTLA.

They use only organic eggs, and have mucho non-chicken and non-egg dishes for brunch.

And, yes, I know they’re in DTLA, but on a Sunday AM, the drive down the 5 and then the 110 to DTLA should be no more than 20 minutes.


Will vouch for Le Petit Paris.

If you are checking out the Safari Inn, you should watch “True Romance” some of which is set there.

When i clicked on the link, I got routed to some spam telling me my computer may be infected with a virus. Doesn’t sound like Le Petit Paris to me.

Maybe you do have a virus.

The link works on my end.

I’m thinking about it, but they open at 10:00. The friend’s have requested to be back in their hotel for wedding and family event primping at 12:00. I don’t want to feel rushed…

lepetitparis dot com is a pornish site. lepetitparisla dot com is the restaurant site.****

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Tried it again. Link came up. No spam. Cheers.

Ok, then Granville.

Opens at 9 a.m. on Sunday, and you could probably walk there from the Safari Inn.

30 minute boring walk and the food, imho, not worth it.

Joan’s on Third in Studio City may be a good option.

And so, I update:

For breakfast I took my party to Olive & Thyme, except they were closed! We had parked the car, so we went to the first place open, in walking distance. This was Simple Things. The food was passable, but the restaurant was not too crowded or too loud, and we had a really great time catching up.

Thank you one and all for your thoughtful replies. I am sorry I didn’t get better food, and elated to have spent time over coffee with an old friend.

i’m going to cop the blame for this. i stupidly ignored or didnt notice the “sunday” part of your request.
dopey moi wouldnt have brought up olive and thyme.


What is there to apologize for?

We are all here looking, in one way or another, for a good meal.

Sometimes that means good food. But more often than not it just means good company.

Sounds like you did just fine on the latter.

Thanks for reporting back.

Oh, I’m sorry in the selfish sense. I am apologizing to myself? The timing and location of this visit was tough. Simple things for breakfast one day, and yesterday we had Don Cuco’s for dinner.

(There are reasons! We were trying to wedge in a meal after a 1:30 Warner Bros tour, and their need to get to Burbank airport by 6:30. It was Labor Day Monday and I needed an easy place to meet. Oh god that food just is not good.)

Holidays can be rough to plan things in that neighborhood as many of the mom-and-pop shops only open to serve the offices/businesses in the area.