Burgerlords x Wax Paper Mashup Weeknd - Go Get It Now

Burgerlords is cooking two burgers as combinations of Wax Paper Co. sandwiches and broth are wonderful.

The Ira Glass Burger is the veggie splendor of the Ira Glass with a wonderfully crispy vegan party on griddles buns, vegan cheese to boot. It works amazingly well by adding a hot and crispy component into the typical Ira Glass vegetal flavor overload.

The real stunner though, is the Lary Mantle Burger which has grilled herb bologna on and Italian sub fixin’s on a straight up cheeseburger. After you eat this glorious burger you will wonder how bologna is not on every burger everywhere. The duo of thin juicy beef and herbed bologna is just indescribably awesome.

I hope these end up becoming more permanent. I am going to miss bologna on burgers forever when these are gone.

Available until the close of Sunday at Burgerlords, go now!


I’m sure they were good but the pics aren’t speaking to me.

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