Not bad, not bad at all. The fries are the best shoe string style of fries that I can recall having; crispy on the outside and still moist and smooth on the inside. The burger patties are more substantial than In -N - Out. Parking in that part of China Town is a bitch. I ended up parking in front of Pok Pok. If in China Town and craving a burger…


sounds like a cheaper and more straight up experience than Chego – haven’t had the burger tho other stuff ive had there has been better than decent…

The Chego Burger: Exhibit A1/2 pound grass fed burger, cheese, mayo, chili sauce, fried shallots, wild arugula, Thai basil $10 - See more at: Chego!

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I disagree, the burger is less substansial than In n Out and with less flavor. and at almost $10 for a combo compared to about $6.50 for In n Out. To bad there is no In n Out near here. If they succeed it will be because of location. I hope the menu gets better. They talk about their pedigree but so far I do not see it.

@BurgerBoy1 is that you, the original “BurgerBoy” on Chowhound? :slight_smile: Why’d you add a “1” to your name? LOL.

The fries at in n out remain so shitty they can’t even boast about a combo. Rather do 2 burgers any day.


I did four of those fuckers recently. Sans fries.

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Went by them on my way to Pok Pok and they were very busy…

I’ll give you the flavor but, in no way is an In-N-Out patty more substantial than a Burgerlord patty.

There’s no reason that 2 burgers (double doubles) has to preclude fries. Try them light well.

In a word, Yes!

Tried it. Still don’t like em. Dry ass potato sticks.

Is booger lords too salty?

Dry ass potato sticks is well. Light well usually produces a pretty decent result. Burgerlords was not too salty.

Busy because amazing burgers or busy because people want to try. I will go back and try again but the need to do better lettuce, mine was not cold and not crunchy… On that style burger you need crisp Iceberg. These kids are from burger heritage, they needdd to do better right out of the gate or not brag that their father has a happening burger place and that they worked there!

Maybe In n Out is a 6 to 1 and BurgerLord is 5 to ! patty, really not that much difference!

I think their dad’s burger is decent. Oinkster is on my regular burger rotation----cheeseburger, no dressing, no lettuce, light on the onions, fries and a craft brew.

I am not an Oiksster fan but you can not dismiiss his success! Try 26 Beach for a serious burger, Arts in El Monte does a burger that is better than BurgerLords. Bill & Hiroko does a great burger in the BurgerLords vain. They will do okay because they have no competition, Heck, Nick’s on Main does a good burger!

Yeah I guess I just don’t like their fries no matter.

Doesn’t little jewel do a cheeseburger poboy?

I work very close to the Hollywood location----so it’s one of the better lunch options within walking distance. I think for an upgraded in-n-out cali fast food style burger it’s good.

Yes, LJ has a few different burger options.

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Hard for me not to go there if I’m in Chinatown.

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