Burmese Leaning Fast Food Counter Opens in Alhambra's Asia Supermarket

While Asia Supermarket in the shopping center on the southeast corner of Valley and Atlantic in Alhambra may appear to be another typical Chinese supermarket in the San Gabriel Valley, it distinguishes itself by carrying a lot of Burmese food products, and even some Indian items too. Apparently they have attracted such a clientele that they cleared out the front part of the store (as related to the parking lot entrance which most people use, instead of the door actually fronting on Valley), and set up Asian Food Express, which leans heavily, though not exclusively to Burmese food. The fast food counter just recently opened and is going through some kinks, like a very limited menu and confusion over how you pay for your food (for now, you have to go into the store and check out). They promise a rotating menu of specials, and indeed today they only had the specials, and did not have any of their regular menu items. The curry chicken with fresh made paratha bread was great!


For FTC Los Angeles members who are on the westside of town, there is Jasmine Market and Deli on Sepulveda between Culver and Washington.

We eat there once in a while and always feel we should go back more often. But review aside, the descriptions are similar: Burmese specialties and some Indian dishes with a market at the same location.

Totally as an aside: The market inside Samosa House on Washington is a hidden treasure. So many cool things there, though Iā€™m not sure how to cook with most of them.


Jasmine market is great havent been in years but their food was always so tasty and affordable

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