Buying salt

I’ve been buying this stuff for years:

Looks like they’ve changed their packaging, but also introduced a choice:

Which is the stuff I’ve been buying for years? Or maybe neither is? “Refreshed brand” oh thanks so much.

Missed this.

… it’s never been easy for home cooks to get their hands on a box.

Most supermarkets don’t sell it? I shop at Berkeley Bowl so have no idea what’s going on in the real world.

… Enlisted Design represented Diamond Crystal’s new target demographic — “the aspiring home chef” — with two avatars: “the academic” (a dude with a goatee) and “the entertainer” (a gal with an Afro and septum piercing). “The traditionalist” (a grandma in an apron) is a secondary target.

I am in fact a dude with a goatee.

I guess I’ll check the price at Trader Joe’s.

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At least on Amazon I still buy the “old” red boxes and they are still available (haven’t seen them in stores for quite a long time so it is hard to compare prices)

Prices I see on Amazon are over $10 per 3-pound box. That’s way too much.

I’m going to try Whole Foods 365 kosher sea salt, $2.29 for 1 kg.


Most mainstream supermarkets didn’t carry it. I usually pick it up at Surfas or Penzey’s. I also pick up a couple of tubs of the Trader Joe’s Portuguese Flor de Sal every holiday season. That is what I’ve been using more often that not as of late. I also like the bags of Korean Sea Salt you get H-Mart for best bang for your buck salt.


Somebody in a Discord thread about this recommended H Mart.

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My local Costco Business Center still had the old boxes last time I was there so I grabbed a half dozen.

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I think they’re using the old packaging for the food service market and selling it at a lower price. Maybe it’s at places like Restaurant Depot.

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I got a box at LAX-C last weekend.

The kosher salt seems to be identical to the red box version.

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Yeah, the “flakes” are the same as the old stuff. But I’m not paying the stupid new price.

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The Whole Foods 365 stuff is way, way denser than Diamond Kosher. A 32.5-oz box of 365 holds 49 cubic ounces, less than 40% of the 126 cubic ounces of the the 48-oz. Diamond box. To put it another way, the Diamond box has 36% more salt but 157% more volume. The 365 is $2.29 ($1.04 / lb).

I knew salt varied but I didn’t know it varied that much.

The old red box is indeed still available for the food-service market. Amazon has a nine-box case for $90 ($3.33 a pound). I guess I’ll check the prices at Restaurant Depot.

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I weighed a quarter cup of each to compare.

Whole Foods: 61 grams
Diamond Crystal: 35 grams

So to substitute WF for Diamond I need to use 57% by volume.

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