Buying wagyu

We’re looking into buying some wagyu soon from Japan Premium Beef on Jones street. They offer A5 as well as domestic washugyu which is like a third of the price. Any opinions on whether the A5 is worth the $130/lb price?

Also has anyone here been to Bohemian Restaurant? o.o

Yes, difference is night and day. They’ll slice it thin for shabu-shabu if necessary

damn ok ok! i’ll splurge haha

Are you going to have ~3oz per person in a very simple format/preparation? Maybe
Are you looking for something more substantial ~8oz per person? I would not recommend wagyu.

Wagyu, while absolutely delicious, is also very fatty.
That results in a very decadent bite, but this decadence just becomes too much after ~3oz for me.

Washugyu (literally “Japanese-American beef”) is made by breeding Japanese wagyu cattle with American cattle. The result is usually less marbling, but more beef taste.

USDA-Prime Beef is where it’s at for me. (I was at Costco last week and didn’t see any Rib Cap rolls, @js76wisco :frowning: )

I will take a USDA-Prime Rib Eye any day over wagyu.
Totally a personal preference. I have had plenty of wagyu and washugyu.
I prefer to have a fatty steak (~16oz) that tastes beefy and rich and can take a beautiful sear over a few decadent mouthfuls of wagyu.

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thanks for the insight! yep definitely sticking to small portions for the wagyu! we do the costco ribeye fairly often at home and it is indeed awesome:)

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Ditto what @Starchtrade said, the A5 really isn’t a great cut for steak. It’s like eating a block of butter. My preferred method for A5 is shabu-shabu, hotpot or sukiyaki - it’s gloriously decadent, delicious and worth the splurge IMO. As a steak the most I can handle are a couple of tiny cubes.

Washugyu or prime are better steak option. Perhaps check out some of the dry aged prime cuts from Eataly, La Frida or Lobels etc. explore cuts at 30, 45, 120 day aging. Or try the dry aged 100% grass fed steaks from Dickinson, track down mature/vintage beef from Meat Hook What Do Steaks from a 15-Year-Old Cow Taste Like? — Prime Time - YouTube

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thank you! I was going to say something similar but deleted it. you explained it better that i ever could have

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Thanks! will check those out!

Made it to the store today!!


How was it?

Cooking it on Saturday! Very excited. Will report back!