Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon

this was one of the most gluttonous, decadent, indulgent, delicious, and highest qpr meal i’ve probably had. not a single miss. thanks @boourns for the rec.

70usd pp

“quebec brest” - parfait foie gras, chicken liver mousse, maple butter, black current gel, hazelnut mousseline

pea soup, pan fried mushrooms, bacon and foie gras

bitter salad - gin de mononcle pickled cucumbers, anchovy vinaigrette, fried pork rind, lindsay cheese

stuffed rabbit with white sausage, maple and sour cherries sauce, parsnip purée

cheese soufflé au gratin, cheese sauce, cretons, poached potatoes

crispy maple duck, french crepes, ginger and scallion sauce, pickled vegetables

cod with fish mousse, bonnefoy sauce, grenobloise salad

le cassoulard

maple alaska bomb, caramelized hazelnuts, brandy flambé

maple flan

maple condensed milk mousse, cider jelly, strawberry purée


come for the food, stay for the eclipse




Hot damn, that’s 50 shades of decadence.


That looks great. So much better than my meal at the regular Au Pied de Cochon.

Thanks for reporting back, I’m extremely jealous. I haven’t been back in town during the season since before the pandemic. Au Pied de Cochon’s menu has been smaller since the pandemic and has lost some of the more interesting dishes along with being a bit static and “greatest hits”. I also get the sense that Martin Picard might be spending more time at the Cabane, and their food has been looking more interesting on social media.

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Also looks like the rare meal that tests even @PorkyBelly 's stomach capacity. :rofl:


Oh I just love this.

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