Cabo restaurants

Any can’t miss restaurants in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose? Thanks

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Going to Cabo in 2 weeks. Any suggestions? So far these are some places on the list
La Lupita Taco & Mezcal
Tacos Gardenias
El Farallon - looks good but crazy expensive
Flora Farms - have reservations but 30 min drive from the hotel so prob gonna cancel

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Last time we went we went to the following:

Acre - sceney and good modern mex food better than flora farms
Mariscos El toro Guerrero - great ceviche and octopus
Tres gallos - beautiful courtyard food isn’t bad

The center in San Jose de Cabo downtown has a bunch of night vendors one lady had really delicious pata tostadas.


I just got back yesterday from San Jose Del Cabo, so here are my recs:

La Lupita is awesome, tacos are delicious and tequila/mezcal options are VERY good (I had the still strength fortaleza tequila and Cuish Mezcal)

Lumbre is a really nice date night spot, high end mexican/asian fusion

La Comedor Revolucion is another great intimate higher end spot, I had the pork chop with red mole, oysters,and the tomato salad which were all fantastic. Cocktails are good. Their bar is at the rooftop which I recommend going to before or after your meal.

Yooko Izakaya is a spot the wife & I stumbled upon, but so happy we did. Gorgeous space! The sushi is surprisingly good and toppings for nigiri are inspired by Mexican ingredients which I loved. Cocktails here are REALLY good as well. Get the foie gras nigiri.

The town square by the church was very lively and had 8 or so food vendors - elotes, churros, tamales, street dogs, etc. The elotes lady puts it into a chip bag of your choice and its the best drunk food ever.

Flora Farms is a beautiful outdoor space with good food, but if I didn’t know I was in Cabo and you told me I was in Malibu or Santa Barbara, I would 100% believe you based on the food and ambiance.


Thanks @formersushichef . Did you bring both pesos and dollars with you?

Lumbre looks good but we have the kids so maybe not a great spot. We’re also staying way down in Cabo San Lucas by the Arch so its a bit of a trek.

Still have not cancelled Flora Farms. My wife wants to go and we’re not really doing much on vacation so we’ll probably tour the grounds and have a nice final night dinner there.

Get pesos if you can it’s a way better exchange rate. Currently at 19.7, they will probably trade you dollars somewhere between 15-18 at local restaurants.


I used my credit card, they charge you in pesos in all of the places I dined.

The street carts all charge $1-2 for each “plate”, so I just used USD



La Lupita and Mezcal. My kids wanted to try grasshopper. They were baked and just ok. I wish they were a bit crunchier.

Great selection of salsa. My favorite was the black.

Daughter said this was the best quesadilla of her life. Hot off the grill with a home made tortillas.

The pastor really shines here. My wife and my favorite tacos were the traditional pastor and the volcano taco which was pastor, cecina and cheese on a deep fried tortilla. The fish taco didn’t sing for me (one with all the red onions piled on top). The sauce and fish combo was off for me.

The best tacos we’ve had all trip were near the marina at El Paisa. I believe this is a chain but they are doing it right. A lady was pressing out tortillas the whole time we were there. The carne asada cooked over charcoal and a brand new spit of pastor came out just as we sat down. They place a share tray of avocado sauce, cucumbers, pico de gallo, limes and 2 salsas on the table. Very good tacos and tortillas. The only thing I didn’t love was the vampiro. The tortilla was crisped up very hard and almost burnt. It was difficult to eat and not like the vampiros I’ve had in SoCal. The pastor and asada were excellent. Could eat these every day. Forgot to snap pics.


Pass on The Italian Job. The pizzas were ok but kinda flaccid. No crunch despite some char marks. The cheese on the margerita was odd. The porky pizza meats were not what we expected. The bacon was almost raw and the huge slices of Canadian bacon and salami threw us off. My daughter really wanted pasta and ordered the lasagna. We don’t use a bechemal sauce with our lasagna so this was a very rich creamy version not to our liking. The octopus salad with potatoes and celery was very good. Would order again but can’t imagine we’d go back. Kinda pricey too.

The best non Mexican meal of the trip thus far was at Roasted Grill & Bar. Everything was cooked over the grill and was tasty. Well seasoned and good flavor from the grill. Son ate the whole octopus. Daughter loved her ribs and corn. The butterflies garlic shrimp and veggies were what the doctor ordered after many tacos and quesadillas on the trip. Free carrot cake and cheesecake never hurt. The desserts were actually good. Not overly sweet and good frosting on the carrot cake.


Flora Farms is the best restaurant we’ve been to maybe all year. Beautiful warm surroundings. Lovely staff and great story to the”farm”. Much more than a farm. It’s a little slice of heaven in the hills above Sam Jose Del Cabo. There are some cute little shops, a coffee/wine bar, many fully stocked bars, on site bakery, dessert area, fully functioning farm with produce for sale, pizza bar, restaurant and much more. The restaurant itself is huge. Maybe 100 or so seats in different areas of the restaurant. The food was more than we could have expected.

Pizza with beautiful leopard spots. Plain marcher it’s. Wonderful. Would be a good pizza at any place in LA.

Burrata, roasted tomatoes and arugula on toasted bread. The waiter was effusive about their home made burrata. For good reason. Tomatoes were reminiscent of the tomatoes on the Mozza burrata salad.

Beets with pecorino, oranges, hazelnuts in a honey vinegar dressing. Huge fresh beets. All of the produce on every dish was in season.

Sweet pea agnolotti. Al dente pasta with very fresh sweet peas balanced with a lemony Parmesan cream sauce. Yum.

Tuesday is fried chicken dinner night. It comes with Mississippi caviar, potato salad, slaw and a great version of elote. Really well brined and seasoned chicken. My kids said this chicken was way better than mine. The chicken dinner comes with banana cream pie. Lovely buttery crisp crust with basically my recipe of banana pudding.

When I made the reservation I told them it was a birthday/anniversary celebration. They brought us out complimentary champagne and a lovely slice of chocolate cake. A great balance of dense and moist and dark chocolate frosting with a bit more sweetness so it veered on milk chocolate. All in all a fantastic dinner and anytime we come to Cabo it’s an absolute must.


Strolling out this way and looked up the vast recs on this list.

This trip is meant for some serious R&R and we’re at an AI resort over by the marina, so might not leave the property, but checking out this thread…I’m super tempted.

Won’t have a car…is Uber/Lyft pretty reliable?

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Yes Uber/lyft is available sometimes the hotel properties won’t let them in for drop off so you have to meet at the gate though

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Uber is very reliable and cheap. If you do leave the premises we really enjoyed Flora Farms. Good wine list and similar to a farm to table restaurant you’d find in California. Prices are not cheap though.

We found some good taquerias near the marina even though that is a very touristy area. El Paisa and Taqueria Gardenia.


We may eat our weight in tacos.

Sounds like a good time to me!

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Some other spots a little off the beaten path

Birria de res Jimmys cabeza
+52 624 355 6073

Mariscos Guasave
+52 624 143 9858

Tacos Arandas
+52 624 192 3559

El Guero Viejon
+52 624 224 0206

Tacos Ramiros
+52 624 224 1110