Cafe Gratitude leaving Bay Area

The Berkeley location is closing by the end of the year and I guess the others had all closed previously. Gracias Madre is still going.

guess LA loves vegan more than Berkeley?!?! I need to move to Texas.

I’d think that we’ve got a fair number of places with vegan options, a handful of vegan-only places, and none of them apparently are as weird as C.G.

Will there be another raw vegan place left after CG closes?

I don’t think so, but I also don’t think that CG is 100% raw anymore.

You’re right, the menu does have cooked food now.

The CG in Venice (Beach area, CA) is going strong. I have never seen this place in “slow” mode - just less busy. Moon Juice is right across the street, so this is a bastion of paradise for vegans.

I haven’t been to Judahlicious but it seems to have a raw vegan menu.

It can all be yours for $199K.

So is the one in San Diego.

Wtf? It says it makes $133,000 a month, so you’d recoup your investment in less than 2 months?..

“Wtf? It says it makes $133,000 a month, so you’d recoup your investment in less than 2 months?..”

You do know the difference between revenue vs earnings, don’t you?

Maybe not???

They really make that little profit?? Damnnnn

They bring in $133,000 a month. We don’t know what their expenses are so we don’t know how much profit they make, if any. The LLC may be carrying debt from the lawsuits they settled.

The $4,500 rent is 3.4% of revenues, which is low by industry standards.

That seems very low to me as well?

I didn’t know about lawsuits though. What were they over?

I am grateful.