Cafe Gratitude

I love Cafe Gratitude. It would be one of my favorite restaurants in LA even if it were not healthy and cruelty free. I am on a mission to eat all the dishes at Cafe Gratitude!

I am … MAGICAL [black-bean burgers; I tried the version in a tortilla wrap]. 5/5. Absolutely delicious. Full of flavor. Great textural contrasts.

I am … ??? [side of tabbouleh salad]. Variable. One time, really good. Another time, way too dry, like they forgot the lemon and olive oil.

I am … PURE [kale & seaweed salad with tahini dressing]. 3.5/5. A little kale-y. But good.

I am … CONFIDENT [cauliflower steak]. 5/5. Excellent. Loved the mediterranean toppings, especially the tapenade. Wonderfully flavorful and satisfying for the low calories.

I am … CELEBRATING [collard spring rolls]. 4.5/5 Very good. All vegetables, but somehow doesn’t taste too rabbit-y.

Haha I’m not sure I could stand looking a waiter (presumably a quite attractive one at that) and saying, “I’d like the I am Magical…”

Are the cocktails as good as people claim they are?

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Haha – you don’t have to order like that, but why not? It’s a nice idea. Why be cynical about it?

I haven’t tried the cocktails! But I will.

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that’s my biggest gripe about the place—I don’t want to have to recite an affirmation to order my food (puts me in a foul mood). also, the only location I’ve been to is Larchmont and the noise level is intolerable. no cocktails @ Larchmont, but thankfully there is wine. my folks, who are mostly vegetarian, love going there when they are in town.


I died a little bit reading the names of those dishes.


I like the warm-hearted (the pesto is a must b/c it tastes totally different w/o it).

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They removed the “I am” portion of the names on the Venice menu so you can just say “I’d like a magical, and a whole” etc…

I actually agree with Alkie here, I usually find the macrobiotic bowl to be one of the most delightful things to eat in LA regardless of how healthy it is. It’s remarkably pleasant to eat.

i LOVE the food there as well.

fwiw, i’ve only been to the venice location and i’ve NEVER used the menu names for the food and the wait staff doesn’t blink an eye.

“i’d like a veggie burger”
“i’d like the mexican bowl”
“i’d like the macrobiotic bowl”
" i’d like the mushrooms, please"

i refuse to get involved in the new age names.


I guess that means they no longer respond to your order with “You ARE magical!”?

They’re selling the ones in the Bay Area.

As far as I know they never indulged in that practice down here.

They did – frequently.

whether or not they got involved in new age food-naming practices,
imho, the ACTUAL FOOD at the venice location has always been very, very, good.

i care much more about the FOOD that I WILL BE EATING than i do about it’s name on the menu.

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You would think that would be true for everyone on a FOOD forum…wouldn’t you? hah

Never once in the past 3 years I’ve been going there shrugs

I guess I just look too imposing for them to bother trying it on.

They should have dishes called CYNICAL and BITTER and TOO SERIOUS for customers like you all.

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That would please me.

“I’ll have the cynical sandwich with a passive aggressive salad on the side, fucker!”


or they could just call the salad “kale & seaweed salad with tahini dressing”


i think that’s a great idea----it’ll help even out the “joy & optimism” and create a more balanced energy in the place.


I would eat there significantly more often if they did.

Funny or Die already went there: