Cafe Hiro, Yoshoku in Cypress!

Unless you are from North OC/SE LA County you probably never even heard of this small city. Cafe Hiro, is not out of place as there are a few Japanese companies in the area. It’s a small restaurant but very comfy and a little quirky. Bob Marley is playing when I walked in.

Uni Spaghetti. I haven’t had too many uni pastas before but this was good. Was hoping it would be slightly more sweet. The bread made great use sopping up the leftover sauce.

Hamburg Curry!
Wow this is great! Incredible comfort at its finest. The toppings are very tasty on its own and provide a little balance. I could eat multiple servings of it.

Panna Cotta.
Yum! A nice way to end it.

Speaking with the waitresses they suggest next time to try the mentaiko pasta or ADD mentaiko to the Uni Spaghetti. I could see how that works! I was hoping they would have Hayashi rice here but I guess I have to still get my fix at Suehiro. I’ll have to explore a little bit more into the menu but I think it’s safe to say that Cafe Hiro represents some of the best in Yōshoku style food. Weekend nights or large groups I recommend a reservation.


Nice report @JeetKuneBao. :slight_smile: I enjoyed Cafe Hiro when I went a few years ago.

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This place is solid, its always one of our first options when we’re in that area.
edit: my wife loves the ume shiso pasta there


I love Cafe Hiro, @JeetKuneBao! That uni spaghetti is my go-to dish there. I learned about that place from @elmomonster from CH…where he waxed poetic about their Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day pre-fixe menu.
I like the scallop carpaccio as an appetizer, and Chef’s creme brûlée is also tasty. I’ll have to try the mentaiko next time I come in.