Café Lota in Delhi

I hesitate to post this here as I’m not sure if there’s much interest on this forum in restaurants outside the US (or outside Los Angeles, for that matter) but I think Café Lota should be of interest to anyone interested more broadly in contemporary Indian food. There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about Indian food not fully “arriving” in the US and the possible reasons for that. Without weighing in on all that I’ll say that I think Café Lota is the exact kind of restaurant that would be a big success in the US with its pan-Indian menu that’s simultaneously traditional and contemporary and its comparatively light touch.

Anyway, it’s an important, if underreported Delhi restaurant and if you’re going to be in the city soon you should really go (and you may not have an opportunity later as its future is under a cloud due to political reasons I go into in my writeup).

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Please, please keep posting these - I’m fascinated by Indian cuisine and find myself learning through these contributions.