Cafe Sabarsky (Austrian/German) - UES/Central Park

Stopped by this quaint cafe for afternoon tea. Located in the Neue Galerie just off central park, the menu offers classic Austro-Germanic fare. Service is as you’d expect in that part of the world, no-nonsense efficiency.

Damned good plate of wursts and pretzel (sorry no pic), I enjoyed the linzer torte too. However SO felt the crust on her strudel was a bit limp but flavors were on point. I plan on returning soon for a complete meal.

*The matcha latte here is unexpectedly good.

I haven’t been for several years, but I found it overpriced and not that impressive. For example, their goulash was perfectly OK but definitely did not remind me of goulash I had in Budapest. I prefer Cafe Katja on the Lower East Side, or if you’d like to go to Park Slope, Cafe Steinhof is also a good place. Both of these places are considerably less expensive than Sabarsky/Fledermaus (their other room), too. Of course, they’re also much less beautifully decorated, though Cafe Katja is actually quite nice in terms of decor on its own terms and Steinhof has a very comfortable atmosphere of a neighborhood pub/restaurant somewhere in Central Europe.