Can I do better than Trust and The Patio on Goldfinch

As our 2 reservations this upcoming weekend? Are there places you prefer, especially if there’s French.

I haven’t been but have gotten recommendations for Smoking Goat (French).

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It’s good, we went couple years ago.

We like Et Voila on Adams for French.

Of the two restaurants you mentioned, I’d say Trust is the clear choice. Patio on Goldfinch is good, but not on the same level as Trust, IMO.

And yes, of course you can do better than these.

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Give me names please. Upgrade me. Just booked Et Voila. Staying very close and sitting at Modern Times in same street right now

I’m talking about places like George’s, Marine Room, Baci, Born & Raised, Juniper & Ivy.

Thanks. On it.

Any opinion on Costa Brava

Oh wow Born & Raised looks gorgeous. Reminding me of Petit Zinc in Paris

I haven’t been there for so long that I don’t think my opinion will add much. My recollection, though, is that it was very good, but service was slow. Either or both of those may have changed. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Skip Costa Brava

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Skip et voila too

Sorry to hear that you were disappointed with Et Voila. We’ve always enjoyed the food, service, and atmosphere there.

What was it that you were unhappy with?

It was good but every dish had issues basically but oh my god, Trust last night was mind blowing. Nothing to complain about!

Born and Raised is a fun restaurant with good food. Lots of tableside preps. And great bathrooms!

Thanks for your reply, Nemroz. We plan to go to Et Voila soon and will critically evaluate. I’m glad you enjoyed Trust. It’s one of our best in class restaurants.

Saved ourselves for a pig out at Izakaya Hachi back home, but hit original Modern Times after Seaworld. Lovely

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Love Trust. We also loved Herb & Wood. Piacere Mio is a neighborhood gem for homemade pasta. Smoking Goat has some delicious items, like their chicken liver pate and their banana foster bread pudding.

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Love Trust also. We also really like Herb &Wood.

Yes, although one has to strategize table against noise, Herb & Wood is marvelous.

And there’s such scant mention of the wonderful Piacere Mio — such a shame!

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I like Herb and Wood too. The patio always seems quiet. Please tell me more about the Italian place guys- thanks.

This is far too late, but I’ve been in Calabria, Italy for the last 2 weeks. For future reference, for French try La Bonne Table on 5th at Pennsylvania. Flies under the radar but very good

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I do also need your help in Calabria, hoping to head there in spring :slight_smile: