Can I slice up a ribeye roast and cook each piece like a steak?

lol. THis question made me laugh.

But my oven is out and I want the roast.


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Thank you.

Isn’t that where rib-eye steaks come from anyway? A sliced up standing rib roast?


Yup. Cook and slice it, it’s a rib roast. Slice it, THEN cook it, it’s ribeyes.

Either way, I want some.


Vons(fairfax and pico, not sure about other ones) has them on sale for 5.88 per lb with a coupon. Today might be the last day.

Can one use the toaster oven to cook those slices too? (I’ve always wanted to try it.)

You’re so bad :slight_smile: And I say that in the most loving way!


Of course you can, but then you don’t live in a college dorm anymore.

Yes. reminds me of places I see cooking steaks in a brick oven.

In what way does it remind you of that?